Community News - Shirebrook

CHRISTIAN Centre: Pastor P. Hellewell led the Thursday week prayer meeting. The Sunday week celebration meeting was led by Amanda Pell who was supported by Mrs A. M. Hellewell and Ms T. Foster. Pastor Hellewell spoke and took as his title, ‘God is there.’ Renovations at the centre continue with a 6 foot deep layer of concrete being laid to support the posts for the new garden mezzanine. Internally the coffee lounge, bookshop, toilets and restore area are all complete but approval for alterations to the fire doors remain outstanding.

TUESDAY Dance: Mrs M. Blakemore welcomed dancers to Shirebrook Welfare Social Centre yesterday week. Mrs M. Goodall organised and led the dancing. Mr P Goodall provided the music.

HAPPY Chat Coffee Club: Julie Bonsall opened the members meeting on Wednesday week at the Kissingate Centre. A raffle was organised by Audrey Doyle and won by Joyce Askew, Norma Hartshorn, Carol Ann Wall and Dot Hindley. Refreshments were served by Audrey Doyle. Julie Bonsall and Dot Hindley organised table games. Members had a luncheon at the Kissingate Centre on Friday week.

KISSINGATE Centre: Bolsover District Sports Awards will be held at the leisure centre on Friday, 28th September.

SHIREBROOK Academy: An Open Evening for Years 5 and 6 students will be held 6-7.30pm tonight (September 19th) Prospective pupils and their parents are welcome to tour the Academy, view images of the new building and ask any questions regarding their child’s future education. Family community evenings resume tomorrow night. A new belly dancing class will run between 5-7pm. All welcome for either one or two hours.

MACMILLAN Coffee Morning: Mrs Christine Cartwright will be hosting a fundraising coffee morning in aid of the Macmillan nurses at her home at 44 Station Road, Langwith Junction on Saturday 29th September, 10-4pm. Activities will include a home baking stall and a raffle. All welcome.

ARTISTS Group: Mrs B. Potter welcomed members to Shirebrook Miners Welfare Social Centre yesterday week. Refreshments were served.

SALVATION Army: Home League Secretary, Mrs Eunice Smith led yesterday week’s members meeting where they celebrated June Engle’s birthday. Mrs Smith’s topic was ‘Celebration Dates.’ Members listened to poems, prayers, Bible readings and took part in a sing along. Refreshments were served. Maj Ina Neill led the Bible study class on Wednesday week and the Buddies playgroup meeting on Thursday week. Volunteers served at four recent coffee mornings. Diane Cooper and Dorothy Plant welcomed members to the Sunshine Club members meeting on Friday week where they read poems, sang and shared refreshments. Flowers for the Holiness table were provided by Diane Cooper. Maj Neill led the Sunday week Salvation meeting when she took as her title, ‘God’s Amazing Grace.’ The worship group and the Messengers group members sang.

SHIREBROOK Staff Sports and Social Club: Mr M. Fletcher hosted a games evening on Monday week evening when members played pool, darts and dominoes.

EARLY Birds Day Nursery: Babies have recently played with trains, dolls and clothes in imaginative play and with nuts and bolts for construction. Bubbles, sponges, boats, fish, glitter and little people were used in water. Tactile play was with teabags and a tea set. Children dug in the outdoor garden. Toddlers played with sieves and scoops in water and took part in a freestyle painting session. An obstacle course was built outside using stepping stones and crates. Pre-school children played with sea life creatures and boats in water and used cornflakes in tactile play. Imaginative role play was with building equipment. Red and yellow Clever Sticks were used for construction. Puppets and books were used to improve language skills.

LOCAL Resident: David Taylor has been nominated through the Prince’s Trust for a Pride of Britain Award.

RICHMOND Care Home: Singer, Phil Ski recently entertained residents. Birthday celebrations were held for Doris Charlton and Carla Mansell. Residents have played bingo, made greetings cards, held a sing-a-long and taken part in chair based ball games.

NEW Bassett House Home for Older People: Residents have recently visited the hairdresser and spent time in their garden enjoying the nice weather.

SHIREBROOK Floral Art Club: Visitors are welcome to attend a demonstration by Mrs E. Wood from Huddersfield at Shirebrook library tomorrow night at 7pm (September 19th). The evening will include a raffle and sale of flowers. A small charge applies.

GRANGE Care Home: Residents recently made baskets at a weaving session held in the residential lounge, made chocolate rice crispy buns and played bingo. In the Nursing Unit, residents held a hands and nails care session, a weaving session and played dominoes. Hamilton Suite residents made pot pourri sachets using paper, played skittles and took part in a darts game. Activities were led by Mandy Lindley and Natasha Westwood.

KEEP Fit: Mrs K. Lindsay welcomed Mesdames C. Benson, G. Mee, M. Mitchell, J. Charlesworth, D. Wake and B. Barson to Shirebrook Village Hall yesterday week for line dancing and gentle exercise to music.

SHIREBROOK Holy Trinity Parish Church: A Holy Communion service on Sunday week was led by Rev C. Beresford who took as his title, ‘No favourites.’ Organist was Mr David Watson. Bread and wine were taken to the altar by James Taylor and John Wilson. Bible readings were by Mathew Gratton and Mrs Doreen Maynard. Intercessions were led by Mr Derek Maynard. Welcome steward was Mrs K. Lindsay who also took the collection. Mrs Sandra Beresford supervised the children’s activities. Refreshments were served by Mrs Janet Dowling. Re-decoration of the church hall toilets has now been completed and Mr Derek Maynard would like to thank all those who gave many hours of their time to complete the project.