Community News - Shirebrook


Christian Centre

‘Living Community’ was Amanda Pell’s title when she led the Sunday week celebration meeting. A prayer meeting on Thursday week was also led by Ms Pell. Church members have started planting the new community garden. Participants are being sought for a new community choir. Rehearsals will start this month. Anyone interested should ring Tracey Foster at the centre 744371 for further details.

Artists Group

Mrs B. Potter welcomed members to Shirebrook Miners Welfare Social Centre yesterday week. Refreshments were served.

Chit Chat Club

Mrs D. Gough welcomed members to Shirebrook Village Hall yesterday week where they played bingo with caller M. Gough. Margaret and Peter Howard were presented with a cut glass vase, a bouquet of flowers and cards to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary on Thursday, 23rd August. Shirley Creswell was presented with a trinket box and birthday card and Lily Fewster and Iris Cooke were presented with crystal birds and birthday cards. Refreshments were served by Miss M. Gough assisted by M. Howard, A. Toon, S. Garton and A. Draycott. A special fundraising raffle which raised £56 in aid of a member’s great granddaughter who is poorly in hospital, was donated to the family who hope to send her to Disneyland to swim with dolphins.

Keep Fit

Mrs K. Lindsay welcomed Mesdames C. Benson, S. Creswell, D. Wake, M. Mitchell and J. Charlesworth to Shirebrook Village Hall yesterday week for line dancing and gentle exercise to music.

Early Birds Nursery

Babies recently played with musical instruments, fish, glitter and waterwheels in water, dinosaurs in sand and with flour and sticks in tactile play. Mark making was with wax crayons and chalks. Toddlers played with jelly and a tea set in tactile play, used a toy doctor’s set for role play and took part in free sticking. Pre-school children played with number moulds in sand, number shells and sieves in water and with toy dinosaurs and tissue paper in tactile play. Imaginative role play was with dolls and clothes. Children also played with rhyming jigsaws and used boats and little people for mathematics.

Ashbourne Court

Residents took part in a darts tournament on Monday week when ‘B’ Team were the overall winners. A general knowledge quiz yesterday week was won by Joyce Jarvis. Maureen Greig prepared and served a luncheon to residents on Wednesday week.

Floral Art Club

A demonstration by Mrs E. Wood of Huddersfield will be held at 7pm, Thursday 20th September at Shirebrook library. New members and guests welcome.

Richmond Care Home

Residents and staff attended a pantomime entitled ‘The Great British Bash’, played bingo and made cards. Shelley Smith organised a baking session where residents made butterfly buns.

Happy Chat Club

Christine Cartwright welcomed members to Shirebrook’s Kissingate Centre on Wednesday week when she opened the members meeting. A birthday cake was presented to Christine Tennant. A raffle was organised by Anne Lock and won by Joyce Askew, Lynn Pearson, Maureen Cororan and Audrey Doyle. Table games were organised and led by Sue Bennett and Christine Cartwright. Refreshments were served by the Kissingate Centre staff.

Self-Help Group

Mesdames E. Hayes, I. Cooke, and D. Graves assisted Mrs G. Mee in preparing a room at Shirebrook Village Hall ahead of the members meeting on Wednesday week. Mrs Mee welcomed members, collected subscriptions, organised a raffle and called the bingo. Raffle prizes were provided by May Herrett. Raffle winner was Kath Lindsay. Birthday cards and wine were presented to Shirley Creswell, Iris Cooke and Thelma Stone. Refreshments were served by Mesdames S. Creswell, A. Millward and A. Toon. Members decided to book a Christmas celebration at Shirebrook Village Hall with a catered meal being provided by Sue Lenton.

Tuesday Dance

Mrs M. Blakemore welcomed dancers to a sequence dance at Shirebrook Miners Welfare Social Centre yesterday week. Mrs M Goodall organised and led the dancing. Mr P Goodall provided the music.

New Bassett House

Residents recently visited Matlock and went for a fish and chips luncheon. On Wednesday week staff organised ‘The Olympics’ where they encouraged residents to participate in games of bowls, hoopla and hook a duck. ‘Sandra’s Team’ were the winners. Residents have also played bingo and visited the hairdresser.

Thickley Close Club

The club has now been re-launched under the name of Shirebrook Sports Club. Recent activities included sparring with a boxing punch pillow, jogging, basketball, a penalty shoot-out, floor exercises including sit ups and press ups and a cool down session. Next meeting, Thursday 13th September. New members welcome.

Grange Care Home

Residents in the Hamilton Suite took part in a wool winding session, made dolls using wool, played and held a hands and nails care session. In the Nursing Unit, residents held a reminiscence session, played dominoes and coloured pre-printed pictures. In the residential lounge, residents played bingo, held a ‘chit and chatter time’ session, completed word search puzzles and took part in an arts and crafts session. All residents were entertained by singer, ‘Paul’ on Friday week afternoon. Activities were led by Mandy Lindley and Natasha Westwood.

Holy Trinity Church

The Rev Charles Beresford was the celebrant at a Holy Communion service on Sunday week when the theme of his message was ‘ Follow God’s Way’. Organist was Mr David Watson. The bread and wine were taken to the altar by Mrs Helen Hornsby and Miss Barbara Charlesworth. Bible readings were by Mrs N. Maynard and Mr Ian P. Hill. Intercessions were led by Mr D. Maynard. Children’s activities were supervised by Mrs S. Beresford. Welcome steward was Mrs K. Lindsay. Refreshments were served by Mrs N. Maynard.

Willow Tree Farm

The recent Teddy Bear’s picnic attracted a high number of visitors who engaged in story time with Annmarie Fletcher and various other activities on offer. Visitors welcomed the new rare breed animals which included a mangolistic pig (Woolly Pig) a bronze turkey and ducklings. The newly refurbished café and picnic area were unveiled. Characters from Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy from In the Night Garden attended the activities last Thursday.

Salvation Army

Assistant Home League Secretary, Mrs Marlene Mason led yesterday week’s members meeting. Ladies sang, listened to Bible readings and shared refreshments. Volunteers served at four recent coffee mornings. At the Friday week coffee morning Maj Ina Neill presented a bouquet of flowers from Salvation Army members and friends to Mr and Mrs Norman Bills who were celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary. Jean Leadbeater led the Friday week Sunshine Club members meeting when she took as her title, ‘Genuine Beauty.’ Ms Leadbeater also played music, read poems and told jokes. Maj Neill led the Sunday Salvation meeting and gave the sermon. The worship group and the Messengers group members sang. Flowers for the Holiness Table were provided by Mrs Janet Wapplington in memory of her husband.