Community News - Rainworth

Over 50s Club

At their meeting on Tuesday week at the Rainworth Miners Welfare Mr J. Hallam welcomed 96 members. Mr R. Holmes was MC for dancing and spot waltz winners were Mr and Mrs J. Cordin. Serving refreshments were Mrs M. Wood and Mrs E. Baxter.

Mr D, Starr called bingo and the ticket sellers were Mrs L. Parkin and Mrs A. Plastow. MC for dominoes was Mr J. Saunders and the winners were Mr and Mrs B. Charlesworth. Competition winner was Mrs M. Cooper and the weekly raffle was held with the prizes donated by the club (3), and Mesdames J Dodsworth, Newberry, Cooper, Costin, Maggio, Evans, Harrison, Woods, Deboar, Clipston, Bakewell, Cordin, Purdey, Brown, Baxter, and Edmondson.

4th Rainbows

At their meeting at SS Simon and Jude’s on Friday week Rachel the Rainbow leader talked about Remembrance. Rainbows made poppies and completed princess jigsaws,

St Georges RC Church

Father Benedict Bullem Abuo led Mass on Sunday week and was assisted by Andrew Storey. There were readings from Cyril Murphy and John Scanlon. Offertory bearers were Kesia Tideswell, Mark Frettingham, Jackie Massey, Colin Massey, Cyril Murphy, John Storey, and Paul Allsop. Eucharistic Ministers were John Storey, Margaret Bonsall and Cyril Murphy.

Methodist Church

Sunday morning’s service was led by Molly Pollitt and included readings from Pat Holmes and Myrna Bretton. John Bretton helped with the Kohima Epitaph for Remembrance Sunday and flowers decorating the church were in memory of Roy Plastow. Connie Mosley was the welcome steward and Sunday school was led by Vanessa Lewin and Alan Mosley. Music was played by Margaret Toon. The evening section service was led by the Rev’David Greenwood with readings by John Bretton and Pat Holmes and Margaret Toon playing the music.

St Simon and Jude’s

Early Sunday morning said communion was led by Janet Heath and included readings from Rebecca Smith and Maureen Garner with Marilyn Brown leading prayers. The mid-morning service with Remembrance included Ray Johnson reading the names of the fallen and the placing of wreaths at the War memorial.