Community News - Rainworth

Over 50s Club

A Pea and Pie supper on Thursday evening was well supported by members and friends who enjoyed bingo, played cards and had a quiz. At their meeting on Tuesday week at Rainworth Miners’ Welfare Mr R. Lewis welcomed 93 members. Mr C. Dodsworth was MC for dancing and spot waltz winners were Mrs M. Ellson and Mrs M. Jackson. Serving refreshments were Mrs M. Wood and Mrs E. Baxter. Mr D. Starr called bingo and the ticket sellers were Mrs L. Parkin and Mrs A. Plastow. MC for dominoes was Mr J. Saunders and winners were Mr K. and Mrs M. Cooper. The competition winner was A. Farr and the weekly raffle was held with the prizes donated by the club (3), and Mesdames Poyser, Musson, Dodsworth, Cooper, Lewis, Richards, Maggio, Newberry, Tiplady, Evans, Vardey, Harrison, Brown, Critchelow, Woods, and Baxter. Club members held a minute’s silence for former club member Mr J. Hutler who died recently.

Rainworth Brownies

On Friday Brownies finished the Armenia Gold badge by baking bread from an Armenian recipe, tasted pomegranates, made a Noah’s Ark. Badges were presented to Charlotte, Charlotte, Georgia, Jorja, Charlie, Katie, Aimee, Grace, Bethany, Phoebe, Abigail, Abigail, Natisha, and Sarah

St George’s RC Church

Father Benedict Bullem Abuo was assisted Sunday morning’s Mass by Andrew Storey. There were readings from Mark Frettingham and Isabel Thompson and offertory bearers were Jackie Massey, Colin Massey, Cyril Murphy, Mark Frettingham, John Scanlon, and Margaret Bonsall. Eucharistic Ministers were Andrew Storey, Margaret Bonsall, and John Scanlon.

Methodist Church

The Slimming World group met on Tuesday evening and the Rainworth Artist group held their regular meeting on Wednesday. On Saturday the Mansfield artist group met and also on Saturday morning the coffee shop was open for refreshments. Sunday morning’s service was taken by Jenny Hughes. Sunday school was supervised by Vanessa Lewin and Alan Mosley and they began filling shoe boxes for the annual appeal. The church was decorated with flowers donated by Myrna Bretton who acted as welcome steward. The church hosted a united section service in the evening with local Methodist churches attending. The service was taken by the Rev Bob Jones with readings by Barbara Sutton. Music was played by Margaret Toon.

St Simon and Jude’s

Morning Prayer services were on Tuesday and Thursday and on Thursday morning the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Ladybird toddler group met. The Healthy Living group got together in the afternoon and Vestry hour was held in evening led by Stephanie Smart and the Rev Clare Tyack. The art group met on Friday afternoon. The church presented a Gospel choir on Saturday evening. On Sunday morning the Rev Hazel Robinson led the patronal service. The Rev Clare Tyack gave a sermon and there were Old Testament readings from John Heider and readings from the New Testament by Vivienne Tansy. Prayers were led by Maureen Garner and music played by Gordon Foster. Maureen Garner and Stephanie Smart led the meeting.