Community News - Rainworth

Over 50s Club

At the Miners Welfare Mr J. Hallam welcomed 102 members. Mr C. Dodsworth was MC for dancing and spot waltz winners were Mr and Mrs B. Charlesworth. Serving refreshments were Mrs M. Wood and Mrs B. Murphy. Mr J. Hallam called bingo and ticket sellers were Mrs L. Parkin and Mrs A. Plastow. MC for dominoes was Mr J. Saunders and winners were Mr and Mrs B. Mold. The competition winner was Mrs L. Parkin and the weekly raffle was held with the prizes donated by the club (3), and Mesdames Cooper, Plastow, Dodsworth, Royston, Costin, Dodsworth, Biggs, Straw, Newberry, Alsebrook, Maggio, Harrison, Tomlinson, Prior, Jarvis, Woods, Clayton, Coleman, Brown, Millward, and Cordin.

4th Rainbows

Members brought in a variety of leaves which they used to make pictures. They spent some time replacing some of their older pictures from the notice board.

3rd and 4th Brownies

On Friday at the Methodist Church the Brownies found out about Armenia where a Guider from Mansfield had been in the summer to run a camp for Armenian Guides. They designed uniforms for Armenian Brownies, thought about what was needed in a newly independent country, wrote their names in the Armenian alphabet and collected pictures.

St George’s RC Church

Andrew Storey assisted Father Christopher Thomas at the Altar on Sunday week. There were readings from Pam Berry and Cathy Glede-Owen and Offertory bearers were Jackie Massey, Colin Massey, Marion Musgrove, Cyril Murphy, John Storey and John Scanlon. Eucharistic Ministers were Cyril Murphy, Marion Musgrove and Margaret Bonsall.

Methodist Church

Sunday morning’s service was arranged by Alan Mosley and Judith Dakin with Vanessa Lewin reading, Ann, Antonia, and Arnold, Adeniji, David Bancroft Steele, Jessica Jones all taking part. Flowers decorating the church were donated by Judith and Mick Daykin. John Bretton was welcome steward and Margaret Toon played music.

St Simon and Jude’s

Early morning Holy Communion on Sunday was led by the Rev Geoff Maltby. Morning Prayer was led by Stephanie Smart with the Rev Hazel Robinson giving the sermon referring to the ‘Suffering of Job’. There were readings from Sandy Wilson and Jean Evans with readings from the Gospel from Maureen garner. Prayers were led by Leila Southcott and music was by Gordon Foster.