Community News - Newstead

All Saints

On Tuesday afternoon Open Door members met. On Wednesday afternoon the hurch was open for visitors and Mother’s Union members met, guest speaker was Vanessa Hollingsworth on her favourite music. Thursday evening members joined Stanton Hill Church for Deanery Synod meeting. Friday afternoon So’n’Sew members met. Saturday morning Men’s Breakfast members met, guest speaker was the Bishop of Sherwood, the Rt Rev Tony Porter speaking about his sporting connections; men and ladies were working up at Church; in the afternoon Rebecca Loisel and her friends practised for the War Songs Sin=along. Sunday morning’s Harvest Festival service was led by the Rev Kevin Charles, during the first hymn gifts were brought to the altar; Harriett Victoria Lathall was baptised; children played instruments and coloured pictures; birthday greetings were sung; children looked around church to find the harvest sheaf made by Molly Clay; Music Group accompanied songs.