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Triangle Health

Saturday, 8th March 2014, 7:00 am
Community News

Twenty-three members attended last Thursday morning’s meeting which took place in the Turner Hall Lounge. The subscriptions were collected by Ruth Marriott. Members took part in line dancing, organised by Pauline Shaw. The refreshment hostesses were Shirley Mathews and Kath Betts . A sales table for Triangle funds was manned by Connie Froggatt and Ellen Cauldwell. The raffle winner was Joy Stevens.

St Chad’s

The Patronal Festival took place at the 10am, Sunday morning service, and was conducted by the Rev Allen Scrivener. The Bible readings were given by Kate Miller, Sue Bowley and the Rev Trevor Leatherland. The prayers of intercession were led by Ken Gleadall. The Holy Communion was administered by the Rev Allen Scrivener,assisted by the Rev Trevor Leatherland. Hand bells were rung by Margaret and Ian Munro, Beryl and Bill Blagg, and Kathleen Lilliman, to welcome the congregation into church,and also during communion. Gerald Houldsworth and Bill Blagg collected the directory, and the organist was Annie Bunce. The refreshments after the service were served by Janet Houldsworth, and Beryl and Bill Blagg.

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Trinity Methodist

Last Wednesday morning the Toddler Group met in the schoolroom followed by the Bright Hour, chaired by Mrs Joan Walters. Members welcomed the speaker, Mrs Molly Pollitt, who gave them the second part of her talk on The Life of Gracie Fields. Mrs Wynn Sansom piayed the piano. The Engage Youth group met in the evening. On Thursday evening the youth group React met. On Sunday morning, the Holy Communion service was conducted by the Rev Barbara Greenwood. The stewards were Mrs J. Walter’s and Mrs J. Cree. The Bible readings were given by the Rev Keith Beecroft and Mrs K. Burks. The organist was Mr David Richards. On Monday evening, the fellowship group met at the home of Mrs Mary Marsh and the study of Jeremiah was led by the Rev Arthur Spencer.

St Edmund’s Church

Last Sunday week, the congregation joined with St. Chad$ for their Patronal Festival. The Evensong was conducted by Kate Colclough, and the Bible readings were given by Jean Taylor and Ken Gleadall. The sidesmen were Jean Taylor and Irene Garrett.The music was provided by CD.

The Christadelphians

Last Sunday morning at the Church of the Brothers and Sisters in Christ, the lesson ‘God’s Perfect Creation’, was the title of Bob Burr’s talk. Taken from Genesis ch. 1-3, given by Jean Burr. Listeners were encouraged to enter into discussion and the service closed with prayers and hymns. After lunch, ‘A New Life In Christ’, was Mr Burr’s subject for the afternoon service. Readings were James ch. 3 by Sally Burton, and Who choose. 4 by Margaret Bennett. The breaking of bread service was introduced by John Bennett, and prayers were offered by George Sobcynski. The organist was John Bennett and the steward was Maurice Tryner. The Wednesday morning Tots and Toys group were supervised by Margaret Bennett. The children enjoyed painting and creating with coloured paper and glue, followed by big play toys. Party snacks were served to honour Elsie, who celebrated her third birthday. The Wednesday evening Bible Class was led by Sally Burton, who chose Genesis ch. 28, to introduce her subject ‘Leah the unloved’. This generated some lively discussion. Prayers were said for the sick, and those suffering for their faith in hostile countries.

Probus Club

The club met on Tuesday 4th March at The Red Brick House when a slide presentation was given to 32 members by Frank Gibbon on Mr Straw’s House. Frank was introduced and given the vote of thanks by Ray Vasper. Two new members, Keith Hadfield and Tony Bramley, were welcomed and lone serving member, Roger Maywood, was made an honorary life member of the club. Lunch was taken after the presentation. The next meeting is to be held at The Red Brick House at 10 am on 1st April.