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Community News
Community News

Trinity Methodist

Last Saturday week, a lunch took place in the schoolroom. The lunch was organised for the Rev Barbara Greenwood to speak about her experience in London where she had taken part in the cancer charity’s Race for Life’. On Sunday morning, the service was conducted by the Rev Barbara Greenwood. The readings were given by Mrs C. Marsh, and Mrs K. Burks. The organist was Mr David Richards. The Monday Fellowship took place at the home of Mrs M. Marsh, and was conducted by the RevArthur Spencer, in the study of Jeremiah.

Triangle Health

Twenty-three members and one visitor attended last Thursday week’s meeting, which took place in Turner Hall lounge. Ruth Marriott collected the subscriptions. The speaker was Mrs Glennis Quiebel, who spoke about the comedian Ken Dodd. The refreshment hostesses were Connie Froggatt and Madge Cornell. The raffle winner was Janet Houldsworth.

St Edmund’s Church

The 10am service was conducted by the Rev Allan Scrivener, assisted by Irene Stubbs. The sidesmen were Ann Martin, Ken Gleadall and Linda Dean. The readings were given by Tessa Hurst and Kate Miller, who also led the prayers of intercession. Paul Smith, Gloria Townsend and Ken Gleadall acted as the chalice assistants. Coffee was served in the Stable Centre by Irene Garrett and Maud Jarvis. The 6.30pm service was conducted by the Rev Allan Scrivener. The sidesmen were Mrs Eva Shepherd, and Mrs D Bower. The readings were given by Sue Bowley and Ken Gleadall.

The Christadelphians

The 11am service at the Church of the Brothers and Sisters in Christ, began with a reading from John ch.14, given by Denise Sobcynski. The subject of Ann Clark’s talk was, ‘Jesus said you will not be left alone’. Sarah Clark led the family service, which took the form of hymns, songs and a quiz. Judah Clark and Autumn Bray sang, ‘Me and my house will serve the Lord’. George Sobcynski, officiated at the Communion service, and blessings asked by James Clark and Tony O’Connor. The organist was John Bennett, and the steward was Tony O’Connor.. Last Wednesday week the Tots and Toys GROUP were supervised by Sarah Clark. The tots coloured pictures, modelled with play dough, and played on the sit and rides. Today at 10am, the Tots and Toys coffee morning is taking place to raise funds to ‘buy a cup of cold water’, as Jesus commanded in Matthew ch.10, v.42. , for the ‘Meal a Day’organisation, which supports believers in poor countries. The Wednesday evening Bible Class was led by Margaret Bennett who gave the Bible account of the Great Flood, and the class compared it to the film ‘Noah’. Carol Burton asked for blessings and healing for sick friends. The times of services - Sunday Service 11am, Wednesday Bible Class 7.30pm.