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Community News
Community News

The Christadelphians

Last Sunday week at the Church of the Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Peter McAvoy gave an illustrated talk entitled, ‘Prophecy’s from the Old Testament, which refer to Jesus. Isaiah ch. 53, ‘Jesus, sold for 30 pieces of silver’,a prophecy from 700years BC. Following lunch, a reading from Luke ch.22 was given by Anne Clark to introduce the second talk by Peter McAvoy, ‘Compare yourself with Jesus, no one else’. The organist was John Bennett and Tony O’Connor. The steward was Maurice Tryner. The Wednesday morning Tots and Toys group was supervised by Margaret Bennett. The tots made potato prints and paintings, and played with the toys including the wheelie toys. On Wednesday evening the Bible Class Family Service took place. It took the form of an evening of meditation, on blessings sent from God. Sarah Clark led and gave a reading from Psalm 30. The children made outline pictures of people, with the text ‘Lord you know all about me’.

Probus Club

The club met on Tuesday 1st April, at the Red Brick House Hotel, where a slide presentation was given to 43 members by Michael Harrison. The presentation was entitled ‘A Trading Voyage on the River Trent’. The talk traced the journey by barge from Gunthorpe to Hull, highlighting the history and perils associated with the river. Michael was introduced by, and given the vote of thanks by the president, Mike Keeling. After the meeting, lunch was taken in the hotel restaurant. The next meeting is on Tuesday 6th May, when the subject will be ‘Creswell Crags’.

Trinity Methodist

Last Wednesday afternoon, the Bright Hour met in the schoolroom and the meeting was chaired by Mrs Joan Walters. Mr R. Walters showed a CD of a Caribbean cruise and its journey through the Panama Canal. The pianist for the afternoon was Mrs Wyn Sansom. In the evening the youth group Engage met. On Thursday evening the youth group React met in the schoolroom. The Rupert group met at the home of Mr and Mrs R. Walters on Friday evening, for Lenten studies led by the Rev. Rodney Warden. The Mothering Sunday service was led by Kate, the youth leader, assisted by the young people. Mr. R. Walters placed the whip at the foot of the Lenten Cross. The stewards were Mrs J. Walters, and the young people were at the door. The Monday Home Fellowship, took place at the home of Mrs.M.Marsh, and was led by the Rev Arthur Spencer.

Peafield Community

Ian Munro conducted the morning service for Mothers day. A reading was given by Margaret Munro and the prayers were led by Bill Blagg. Small posies were given out to the members of the congregation in celebration of Mother’s Day. The refreshments were served by Beryl and Bill Blagg.

Triangle Health Group

Twenty-one members attended the Thursday morning meeting held in Turner Hall lounge. Ruth Marriott collected the subscriptions, and Joan Davies chaired the meeting. The members exercised to an Eileen Fowler tape, which was followed by Pauline Shaw leading chair-assisted exercise and relaxation. The refreshment hostesses were Tessa Hurst and Marlene Grummet. The raffle winner was Irene Bacon. A letter was received from the Stroke Early Discharge Team, thanking the group for its donation of £100, towards a piece of equipment.