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Community News

The Christadelphians

At last Sunday week’s service held at the Church of the Brothers and Sisters In Christ, Mark ch.6, read by Denise Sobczynski, formed the introduction to Simon Dickenson’s talk. ‘Jesus the Carpenter, a humble man, calls you to follow him. The hymns were chosen by George Sobczynski, and the organist was John Bennett. Following a fellowship lunch, Tim Dickenson gave a sermon entitled, ‘There is a cure, don’t miss a chance’. He took the example of Naaman the leper, (2kings ch..5). Cured of leprosy. Prayers for blessings, on communion meal were by John Bennett, and Tony O’Connor accompanied the hymns on his guitar. The president and steward was George Sobczynski. On Wednesday morning the Tots and Toys group met, and was supervised by Sarah Clark. The children enjoyed giant jigsaw and number play, besides trampoline and sit n rides. On Wednesday evening the Bible Class took place at the home of Denise and George Sobczynski, and George gave the lessons, reading from Ex.32. ‘The people turn from GOD and worship a golden calf’. The next ‘Craft Crazy group meeting will be Monday 24th March at 10.30am. Contact Denise Sobczynski on 07435 562077, for further details.

Trinity Methodist

Last Wednesday morning,the Toddler group met in the schoolroom. They were followed by the Bright Hour, which was chaired by Mrs Cilla Marsh. The speaker, Mr Colin Baird, spoke about the history of Northumberland. The pianist was Mrs Wyn Sansom. The youth group Engage met in the evening. On Thursday evening, the youth group React, met. On Friday, the Rupert group met at the home of Mr and Mrs R Walters, and the first of the Lenten studies took place, led by the Rev Rodney Warden. A coffee morning took place on Saturday morning. Mrs Margaret Allwood was the preacher at the Sunday morning service.The stewards were Mrs S. Richards and Mrs H. Crosby. The readings were given by Mrs Heather Crosby, Mrs Cilla Marsh and Mrs Mary Marsh. The organist was MR David Richards. On Monday afternoon, the Home Fellowship, met at the home of Mrs Mary Marsh. The Rev Arthur Spencer led the first of the Lenten studies.

Peafield Community

The Sunday service and prayers were conducted by Ian Munro, and the readings were given by Margaret Munro. The sermon was on the subject of the Lord’s Prayer, and the power of prayer. Carole Maron signed the Lord’s Prayer as it as read out.

Triangle Health

Last Thursday week, the annuale meeting and 26th birthday of the group took place in Turner Hall Lounge, and was attended by 22 members. Ruth Marriott collected the subscriptions and Joan Davies, chaired the meeting. The Triangle Constitution was read out by Joan Davies and Ruth Marriott presented the financial statement. Janet Houldsworth gave the annual report, and the committee remained the same. A discussion took place on the organisation’s to benefit from the charity fund. A Happy 26th birthday to Triangle was celebrated with cake and wine.

St Edmund’s Church

The family service, which took place in Turner Hall, was led by the Worship Group,consisting of Paul Smith, Sue Bowley and Jean Taylor, and the Music Group of Coleen Hinde, Andrew Shaw, and Jeanine. The morning’s theme was ‘Marching into Lent’. A breakfast of warm French bread and butter was enjoyed. The story of the Loaves and fishes was given, and the congregation marched around the hall, with the children forming a band. The Evensong was conducted by the Rev Allen Scrivener. The sidesmen were Mr and Mrs Blagg, and the readings were given by Maud Jarvis and the Rev Allen Scrivener, who also gave the prayers of intercession. Dave Colclough assisted with the chalice.