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Community News

Peafield Community Church

Ian Munro conducted the morning service last Sunday, and preached on the subject, ‘The race of faith’. The prayers were led by Joan Hobson and Margaret Munro gave the readings. The refreshments were served by Kathryn Swales and Bill Blagg.

St Chad’s Church

The 8am service last Sunday week was conducted by the Rev Allen Scrivener.

Triangle Group

Twenty-two members attended last Thursday week’s meeting held in the Turner Hall Lounge. Ruth Marriott collected the subscriptions and Joan Davies chaired the meeting. The members exercised to a Prime Fitness video and Pauline Shaw led a variety of exercises followed by relaxation. The refreshment hostesses were Mavis Neville and Tessa Hurst. The raffle winner was Madge Cornell and the sales table for Triangle funds was manned by Connie Froggatt and Ellen Cauldwell.

St Edmund’s Church

The 10am service was conducted by the Rev Allen Scrivener. It was a joint service for Candlemass, and the Mothers Union renewal of vows, with guest preacher, Lucille Porter. The Sidesmen were Hilda Flannagan, Pat Eadson and Pauline Barnett. The Bible readings were given by Harry Hannon and Wendy Skelton. The prayers of intercession were led by Jean Fisher. The Chalice assistants were Irene Garrett,Jean Taylor and Pauline Barnett. Coffee was served in the Stable Centre by Betty Pinick and Jean Fisher. The 6.30pm service was led by Andrew Shaw and the readings were given by Jean Taylor and Maud Jarvis. The sidesmen were Irene Garrett and Jean Taylor and the organist for the day was Annie Bunce.

The Christadelphians

Last Sunday week, psalm 100 read by George Sobcynski, was chosen by Trevor Routledge to introduce the subject “Give thanks to the Lord”. The second reading from Luke Ch 17 Verse 11-18 “Jesus heals ten lepers, only one thanked him”. After a shared lunch, the second service began with Trevor Routledge’s second talk “Nothing can separate US from the love of God”. A reading was given from Romans Ch 12 followed by communion. Alison Routledge played a meditation hymn “For the joys and the sorrows I have Jesus”. The president for the day was George Sobcynski and the steward was Maurice Tryner. Sarah Clark supervised the Tots and Toys group last Wednesday morning. The children played with jigsaw, play dough, wheelie toys and finger paint with glitter on the craft table. On Wednesday evening the reading for the day was from Romans Ch 12 “Life in God’s service”. Prayers for a blessing on the church ended the meeting. A new social group will be starting shortly. For details contact Margaret Bennett on 01777 818334 or Denise Sobcynski on 01623 406101.