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Community News
Community News

Trinity Methodist Church

Last Monday afternoon, the Fellowship group met at the home of Mrs Mary Marsh, and were led in a serious study into the book of Job, by the Rev Arthur Spencer. On Wednesday morning the toddler group met in the schoolroom, followed by the Bright Hour in the afternoon, chaired by Mrs C. Marsh. The speaker was the Rev Barbara Greenwood, and the members were joined by the St Edmunds Mothers Union, to celebrate the week of Christian Unity. The music was provided by Mrs Wynn Sansom, and the group shared refreshments together. During the evening, the youth group Engage met in the schoolroom. On Thursday evening the youth group React met in the schoolroom. The Rupert group held its meeting at the home of Mr and Mrs R. Walters, and was led by the Rev Rodney Warden. The Sunday morning service was conducted by the Rev Arthur Spencer. Assisting during the service were Mrs Anne Clayton and Mr and Mrs Cree. The stewards were Mrs J. Walter’s and Mrs M. Marsh. The Bible readings were given by Mrs H. Crosby and the Rev Keith Beecroft. The organist was Mr D. Richards.

Peafield Community

The service last Sunday week was conducted by the Rev Barbara Greenwood, who led the Covenent service, where everyone made their commitment to God, and Holy Communion was celebrated. The prayers were led by Beryl Blagg and Margaret Munro, who also led the prayers.

Triangle Group

Twenty members attended last Thursday morning’s meeting, which took place in the Turner Hall Lounge. Ruth Marriott collected the subscriptions, and Joan Davies welcomed the speaker, Ted Gray, who gave an illustrated talk on the Rocky Mountains and Alaska. The refreshment hostesses were Sylvia Roberts and Shirley Matthews. The winner or the raffle was Mrs Madge Cornell.

Sr Edmund’s Church

The 10am service was conducted by the Rev Richard Morton, assisted by Kate Colclough. The sidesmen were Linda Dean, Jane Merry and Susie Booth. The Bible readings were given by Jean Taylor and Pauline Barnett, and the prayers of intercession were given by Kate Miller. The chalice assistants were Jean Taylor, Bernard Org and Ken Gleadall. The coffee was served in the Stable Centre by Maud Jarvis. The 6.30pm service for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, was conducted by the Rev Allen Scrivener. The sidesmen were Eva Shepherd and Dorothy Bower. The readings were given by Bill and Beryl Blagg and the organist was Annie Bunce.