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Community News
Community News

Trinity Methodist Church

Last Monday afternoon, the Home Fellowship met at the home of Mrs Mary Marsh. The fellowship was led by the Rev Arthur Spencer, who was celebrating his birthday. The members enjoyed a birthday tea in celebration. On Wednesday morning, the toddler group met in the schoolroom followed by the Bright Hour in the afternoon. The meeting was chaired by Mrs Villa Marsh. The speaker for the afternoon was Mrs M. Pollitt, who spoke on the life of Gracie Fields. The pianist for the afternoon was Mrs Wyn Sansom. In the evening the youth group, Engage, met in the schoolroom. The youth group, React met in the schoolroom last Thursday evening. On Sunday morning, the morning worship was conducted by Mrs. M. Pollitt. The Stewards were Mrs. Anne Clayton and Mrs. V. Brown. Mr David Richards was the organist.

Peafield Community

Last Sunday morning, Ian Munro conducted the morning service, which included a meditation, and led the prayers. His sermons spoke about how people should be happy in church. A Bible reading was given by Margaret Munro. The birthday of Beryl Blagg was celebrated by the congregation who sang Happy Birthday and presented her with cards. Beryl and Bill Blagg served the refreshments and the cakes which they had brought along to share, in celebration of Beryl’s birthday.

St Chad’s Church

The 8am service which took place last Sunday week, was conducted by the Rev. Allen Scrivener.

Triangle Health

Twenty-one members attended last Thursday week’s meeting held in the Turner Hall Lounge. Ruth Marriott collected the subscriptions and Joan Davies chaired the meeting. The members exercised to an Eileen Fowler video tape, which was followed by chair-assisted exercise and relaxation, led by Pauline Shaw. The refreshment hostesses were Marlene Grummett and Madge Cornell. The raffle winner was Janet Guy.

St Edmund’s Church

Last Sunday week, the morning service was conducted by the Rev Allen Scrivener, who was assisted by Irene Stubbs. The Bible readings were given by Paul Smith, Maud Jarvis and Irene Stubbs. The Sidesmen were Mr and Mrs Miller, and the prayers of intercession weeded by Ken Gleadall. Jean Taylor, Gloria Townsend and Dave Colclough assisted with the chalice. The 6.30pm Epithany Light Service, was conducted by the Rev Janice Dewhurst. The Bible readings were given by Jean Taylor and Maud Jarvis. The sidesmen were Maud Jarvis and Ruth Greaves, and the organist for the day was Annie Bunce.

The Christadelphians

Last Sunday morning, at the Church of the Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Sarah Clark arranged a family service with activities, which included music, songs and poetry. After lunch, Ann Clark gave a talk on ‘How important is God’s book, the Bible’. She left the congregation with the thought ‘read, learn, enjoy’. The children made cardboard text in the form of hunting which was displayed in the church. The music for the morning was provided by John Bennett, and Maurice Tryner was the steward. The Wednesday morning Tots and Toys group was supervised by Sarah Clark. The children made sticky pictures and cut outs. They played on the trampoline, see-saw and wheelie toys. The Wednesday evening Bible Class was conducted by Denise Sobcynski, who asked ‘How do you feel today?’,and encouraged the group to use the Bible to lift their spirits when feeling down.