Community News - Mansfield Woodhouse

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Trinity Meths

Young People of the Church have been meeting together to practise and prepare for their pantomime. Last Monday week the Bible Study Home Fellowship Group met at the home of Mrs Mary Marsh. The fellowship was led by the Rev Arthur Spencer. On Wednesday afternoon, the Bright Hour met in the schoolroom. Mrs Cilla Marsh was in the chair, and speaker was Barrie Richmond. Pianist was Mrs Wyn Sansom. On Sunday morning, the service was conducted by the Rev Arthur Spencer, and the theme was the Bible Society and how they work to provide Bibles for those who are struggling. Bible readings were by Mrs Dorothy Painter and Mrs Irene Spencer. Stewards were Mrs Joan Walters and Steve Cree. Organist was David Richards.

Peafield Church

Last Sunday week, the service was led by Ian Munro. Margaret Munro gave the Bible reading, and Jean Hobson led prayers. Refreshments were provided by Bill and Beryl Blagg.

St Chad’s Church

The 8am Holy Communion service last Sunday week, was conducted by the Rev Allan Scrivener.

Triangle Health

Last Thursday week, 22 members attended the meeting at Turner Hall Lounge. Ruth Marriott collected subscriptions, and Joan Davies chaired. Personal weights were collected by Sheila Evans. Members exercised to a video, followed by chair assisted exercise led by Pauline Shaw. Refreshment hostesses were Margaret Wilson and Pauline Burton. Raffle winner was Marlene Grummett.

St Edmund’s Church

Last Sunday week, the 10am service was conducted by the Rev Allan Scrivener, assisted by Kate Colclough. Sidesmen were Mr and Mrs Frith, and Gladys Cross, and Bernard Ory, Jean Taylor and Jean Fisher, all assisted with the chalice. Prayers of intersession were led by K. Miller. Coffee was served by Eva Wilson and Jean Taylor. The Annual Memorial Service was led by Irene Stubbs. Sidesmen were Jean Taylor and Irene Garrett, and readings were by Kate Colclough and the Rev Allan Scrivener. Bess Wright was organist.

Brothers, Sisters

At last Sunday week’s service, Alex Green, took for his introduction, a reading from Matthew ch.5, which was ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit’, and he spoke of ‘Fortunate are those in their desperation who fully rely on God’. After lunch, Sally Burton gave a reading. Alex Green continued with ‘ Hope in despair, a rash promise leads to disaster. Blessings for those completely broken. God will carry them.’ Organist was John Bennett, and steward was Brady Thomas. During Sunday School, Sarah Clark read and discussed the Story of the Lost Coin. Last Wednesday week, Sarah Clark led the Tots and Toys Group, and the children made firework pictures, and enjoyed painting and modelling with playdough.