Community News - Mansfield Woodhouse

Trinity Methodists

Last Monday week, the Home Fellowship met at the home of Russ and Joan Walters and was led by the Rev. Arthur Spencer. The Cilla Group met for Youth Bible Study at Castleton Close. On Wednesday morning, the Toddler Group met in the Schoolroom, followed by the Bright Hour. Joan Walters was chairman and the speaker was Colin Baird, who gave ‘a taste of South Africa’. Pianist was Wyn Sansom. The Engage Group met in the evening. On Thursday evening, the React Group met. Last Saturday, preparations were made for the Harvest Festival, followed by a supper and a beetle drive. On Sunday morning, the Harvest Festival was conducted by the Rev Arthur Spencer. John Hindson, a representative for MRDF (Methodist Relief Development Fund), a charity which provides support in Africa, was given by the congregation instead of Harvest produce. The produce from a food table was donated to Framework, for the homeless. Stewards were Anne Clayton and Steve Cree, and Bible readings were by Tricia and Barry Sayeg. Marcus was organist.

Peafield Church

The service last Sunday week, was conducted by Ian Munro, whose theme was Eternal Life’. Prayers were led by Margaret Munro, and refreshments were by Jennifer Peers.

St Chad’s

The Harvest Festival last Sunday afternoon was led by the Rev Allan Scrivener. Organist was Bess Wright.

St Edmund’s Church

Parish Eucharist was conducted by the Rev Allan Scrivener, assisted by Kate Colclough. Freya Greaves was baptised. Sidesmen were Mr and Mrs Miller, and Ken Gleadall. The Bible reading was by Ken Miller. Prayers of intersession were led by Kate Colclough. Jean Fisher, Gloria Townsend and Dave Colclough assisted with the chalice,and refreshment were served by Irene Garratt and Maud Jarvis in the Stable Centre. Evensong was conducted by Andrew Shaw. Sidesmen were Maud Jarvis and Irene Garrett, and readings were by Bill Blagg and Jean Taylor. Bess Wright was organist.

Brothers, Sisters

Last Saturday week, members prepared the church for the Harvest Thanksgiving Service. Half of the stage was decorated for the Harvest of the Sea, children of the church and the tots having made fish and boats. The other half of the stage was decorated for the Harvest of the Earth. This was followed by a pie and pea supper, provided by Donna O’Connor, Denise Sobcynski, Carol Burton and Margaret Bennett. On Sunday morning David Churchill led the Harvest Thanksgiving service, involving the children in activities. After lunch, David’s second service had the theme of ‘Joy’. Produce was distributed locally. Sarah Clark led the Wednesday morning Tots and Toys group. Children played on the trampoline and see-saw, and made sticky pictures at the craft table. The Wednesday evening Bible Class, was conducted by James Clark.