Community News - Mansfield

St Mary’s Church

Morning praise was led by Lynda Woodward. Lessons were read by Jim Cockett, Irene Large and Derek Large. Val Pearce gave the talk. Intercessions were led by Val Pearce, Derek Large, Judith Mather and Irene Large. Carole Partridge and Jennifer Milnes were sidespersons. Lydia Cartwright led the worship. Marlene Bickley and Ena Webster provided refreshments.

Bridge Street Meths

Morning worship was led by the Rev Bob Jones on the theme of ‘I want the best there is for me’. Readings were by Mary Edwards and Angela Pothecary. Music was led by Ian Coles and Jan Dawes.

Unitarian Church

Morning Service at the Old Meeting House School Rooms was led by the Rev Patrick Timperley. The chalice candle was lit by Sam Taylor. The service was based on favourite hymns and songs chosen by 10 members of the congregation. Mrs V. Brown and Sam Taylor announced that the new Sunday School charity project was a collection of sewing materials (buttons, zips, hooks and eyes, old sewing machines etc) for a Trade Aid collection being run by the Rotary Club of Grantham and Kesteven. Organist was Bill Brown. Bill also spoke about his brother George, who died recently, a war veteran who was a prisoner of the Japanese at the time of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs. Steward was Janet Wormall, and Graham Baggaley took the collection. Refreshments were served by Pat Cairns.

Arena Church

Andi Richardson led study of the Epistle to the Colossians, last Tuesday week. At Sunday week’s service at Field Mill Phil Pye was speaker.