Community News - Mansfield

St Mary’s Church

Morning praise was led by Lynda Woodward. Lessons were read by Val Pearce, Judith Mather and Babs Valentine. Val Pearce gave the talk. Intercessions were led by Lynda Woodward, Judith Mather, Kathleen Brown and Val Pearce. Graham and Ena Webster were sidespersons. Meryl Chambers led the worship. Lynn Kidd and Shirley Dawe provided refreshments.

Bridge Street Meths

Worship was led by the Rev Bob Jones on the subject of ‘Being Childlike’. Readings were by by Jan Dawes and Peter Stokely. Helen Curzon and Angela Pothecary assisted with communion and music was played by Jan Dawes. The children looked at the story of Job.

Arena Church

Paul Stokes led communion at Sunday week’s service at Field Mill. Speaker was Kristian Thorpe.

Old Meeting House

Evening service at the Old Meeting House school rooms was led by the Rev Patrick Timperley. The Minister’s theme was Autumn. The first reading was the Poem Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas and the second was the story of The Red Blossom Tree from Bill Darlison’s compilation Of Concentration and Compassion. Organist was Bill Brown. Steward was Neil Fisher, who took the collection.

Refreshments were served by Pat Cairns.