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St John’s

Holy Communion was led by the Revd Mary Essex. Organist was Hazel Warren; side-persons were Joyce Brown and Robin Tyne; readers were Hazel Warren and Gail Rigley. The Gospel was read and sermon preached by Elaine Moulton. Prayers of intercession were led by Daphne Cantrill. Evening Thanksgiving and Remembrance was led by the Rev Mary Essex. A reflection was given by the Rev Paul Bentley, Chaplain to John Eastwood Hospice. Readers were Terry Summers and Sue Cumberland: a poem was read by Daphne Cantrill and prayers led by Terry Summers. A poem was read and the blessing given by the Rev Mary. Candles were lit by members of the congregation in remembrance and thanksgiving of loved ones departed. There is a Christmas Market on Saturday 24th November in the Church Hall, 10am until 2pm