Community News - Kirkby

Inner Wheel

President Linda White welcomed members and guest speaker Janet Starr of Mansfield inner Wheel to the October meeting at the Summit Centre on Monday week. Mrs Starr gave a talk on educating seriously ill children and helping them to as happier life as possible in their circumstances. The President gave the vote of thanks. Mrs Anne Woodhouse was thanked for organising the recent coffee morning in aid of World Peace Day at which members had prepared 28 baby bundles for Third World countries.

Our Lady RC Church

Father F. Higgins celebrated mass on Sunday week. Becky Herrington read the lesson. The offertory procession was Delia McGibbon, Isabella and Alex Taylor, Joe Scott, Ralph Barrett, Ritika Menon, Eamon Wyatt and William McPherson. Communion was served by Molly Beardsley, Colin Kibbler, Helen Bevan, David Shipley and Colin Malatratt. Rex Clarke and John Fejfer took the collection. Music was by Maranatha. Karen Ferrar and Sheila Thompson served coffee in aid of parish funds.

Friends of SA

are a small but welcoming social group who meet every Monday at the Ashwood Centre at 1.30pm for refreshments and conversation. Anyone interested in joining the group should phone Mrs Gladys Newall on 01623 611082.

Hill Methodist Church

The Genesis youth group met on Monday week. Wednesday week’s Mother and Toddler group was followed by the Wednesday Fellowship who were entertained by music and poetry performed by the Trinity Singers. The DIY group worked on church premises in the evening. On Thursday week Karen Grice held her annual Open House charity day with a variety of stalls and refreshments. A Prayer meeting was held on Saturday week. In the evening the Hill held a joint fund-raising session for Water Aid with representatives from St Wilfrid’s. St Wilfrid’s Worship group gave a recital and there was also a quiz. Rev Mike Redshaw led Sunday week’s Holy Communion. Music was by the Worship group. Speaker at the evening meeting was Mrs Jo Makins. John Grice and Barrie Smith read the lessons. Betty Grice played the organ.

1st Guides

Were led by Claire Sharman and Elaine Britnell had a ‘Looking after your Hands’ evening which included relaxation, massages and manicures. Guides also discussed the importance of hands as a first impression of character. Initial discussions on the 2013 residential camp were also held.

Spiritualist Church

Lynda Sills chaired Sunday week’s divine service. The reader was Tina Thompson. Teri Barsby and Robert Meldrum of Mansfield both spoke. Monday week’s demonstration of clairvoyance was given by Stuart Hamilton of Nottingham. Janet Julian led the session. Gary Price delivered healing. The awareness class on Tuesday week was taken by committee members.


Gladys Williams and Joyce Shepherd served Monday week’s lunches before which Len Fox entertained on the organ whilst members played card games. Carpet bowls were played on Tuesday week. Walter Jones and Joan Peel provided the music for Thursday week’s line and sequence dance. Mrs Peel also led Friday week’s sequence dance. The next fund-raising coffee morning will be on Saturday 27th October 10.00am till 12 noon at the centre – all are welcome.

50 Plus

President Hazel Forrest opened Monday week’s meeting at the Brownsea Centre introducing entertainment from the National Trust’s Southwell Workhouse storytellers. Refreshments were served by June Warren, Margaret Campbell, Marion Anderson and Janet Ellis.

Forest Street Baptists

Art and Keep Fit groups met on Tuesday week. Rev Ros Wilkes led a special Girls Brigade Commissioning service on Sunday week at which Miss Claire Crowder was commissioned as a Lieutenant and Lieutenant Sarah Copeland-Davies was promoted to Captain. Mrs K. Gregory was reader. Mr and Mrs Mervyn Cole-Bowen served coffee. Rev John Baig of Calverton led the evening service. The reader was Mrs Doreen Bell. Musicians for the day were Miss Doreen and Miss Margaret Homer. Last Monday the Crafty Dabblers held their bi-weekly meeting. Mrs Cynthia Butler led the Ladies Fellowship introducing speaker Mrs Margaret Johnson. Mrs Hazel Forrest served refreshments. The pianist was Miss Margaret Homer.

Women’s Institute

Will hold a coffee morning at Trinity CentrePoint on Saturday 27th Oct 10am to 12 noon.

Trinity CentrePoint

Coffee Bar was open from Monday to Friday week inclusive. Job advice was available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday week. General advice was available Tuesday, Thursday and Friday week. The Childminders group met on Monday week. Kirkby Churches Together held early prayers on Tuesday week. Rev Barry Shipley led the Tuesday Fellowship. Surestart Messy Play also met. Computer classes were held Tuesday and Wednesday week. All advice sessions and courses can be accessed by phoning the CentrePoint contact number 01623 751269. Rev Mick Dilley celebrated Holy Communion on Wednesday week. The flower arrangers met in the afternoon. Thursday week’s Mother and Toddler session was followed by the Luncheon and Friendship clubs. Friendship club were entertained by Trinity Singers. A home group met in the evening. Trevor Lee led Sunday week’s service. Nancy Shipley was church steward and also led Family Time. The door steward was Maureen Shilling. Beryl Richardson and Carole Taylor both read. The collection was taken by Stuart Spyby and Gladys Bennett. Trinity Singers performed ‘O Wondrous, Heavenly Bread.’ Mike Oliver manned the media suite. The organist was Fay Shackleton. Margaret Randall donated church flowers. Jenny Wilcock and Teresa Rawding served coffee in aid of the Air Ambulance.

Rotary Club

President Mike Lee chaired Tuesday week’s meeting at the Summit Centre. Rotn Karl White confirmed arrangements for the social fundraising event on Nov 22nd. Rotn Neil Lancashire announced Santa would be running a refurbished sleigh this winter. Rotn John Peacock reported on 2 local youngsters who had attended the Rotary Youth Leadership adventure weekend, they would be speaking about their experiences at the club meeting to be held at Coxmoor Golf Club on 30th Oct. Guest speaker John smith described his career in education. Rotn Peter Battarbee gave the vote of thanks.

St Thomas Church

Holy Communion was taken in the Lady Chapel on Wednesday week. The Fellowship group then met and followed this with a shared lunch before the carers and toddler’s drop in session n was held in the afternoon. John Cook manned the parish office in the evening. Lucy Harper led the youth group at the vicarage. A Harvest Communion was held on Sunday week. Reader Chris Manning led the service, the address, readings and prayers were by the vicar. The gifts given donated during the service were presented to Framework a charity for the homeless. Stuart Bradshaw played the piano. Jim and Sheila Bushell presented the communion elements. Sandy Edwards-Walsh administered the chalice. John and Sandra Walker were church stewards. Joan Murray and Beryl Strange served refreshments in the church hall. The vicar led the evening ‘Breathing Space with God’ event.

Chess Club

Ashfield players Ray Sayer and Bob Taylor represented the club at the recent Hull Chess Congress. Mr Taylor came second in the intermediate section. The first team were beaten 3-2 by Nottingham. For Ashfield Pete Clarke won, Stan Cranmer and Rick Dawson both drew. The third team also lost to West Notts with Jerry Herrington winning whilst Steve Burke and Geoff Gibson earned draws. The 5th team beat Newark 3-2 Sally and Gregor McIntosh both won. Neil Graham and Alan Morrey both drew.

Church of Christ

Dennis Faulks led the morning meeting on Sunday week. Roger Longden read from the Old Testament. The New Testament reader was David Wilson. Rex Foster served communion. Geoff Sheldon spoke. Tom king led and spoke at the evening meeting.