Community News - Forest Town

St Alban’s Church

Sunday’s communion service was led by the Rev Philip Stead, sidepersons were Joyce and Michael Dowling. Emma Holmes presented the prayer tree, Brian Negus and Sonia Granger read from the Bible and Sally Stafford led prayers of intercession. The offertory was presented by the Dallison family, Pam Negus administered the chalice and David Picken, Archdeacon of Newark, gave the sermon. Brian Negus operated the computer and Teresa Pearson the sound system. Refreshments were served by Derek Naylor and Hanne Reale.

1st Scout Group

Thursday (Sherwood) Beavers visited Wilkinsons where they were able to complete their Christmas box gifts for overseas children. Glenys Evans and Steve Iberle supervised. (Sherwood) Cubs continued the scientist proficiency award with liquid experiments under the supervision of leaders Steph Musgrove, Linda Riley and Matt Eacott. Ellie Paterson carried out flag duties. Scouts continued Emergency Aid stage 3 with major bleeding control, effects of hypothermia and treating shock. Leaders Steve Waite and Kath Erridge supervised.

Methodist Church

On Tuesday volunteers manned the Trinity Community Cafe. On Wednesday afternoon Mrs J. Staley led the Women’s Own meeting. Pianist was Mrs E. Levick. On Wednesday evening Mrs S. Hallam led the prayer meeting. On Friday evening the Youth Cafe was manned by volunteers. On Sunday the Rev Ann Anderson was the preacher for the Morning Service and baptised Lucas Mackenzie Baxter. Mrs K. Dixon gave a lighted candle to the parents and Mrs J. Staley gave a Bible to the parents for Lucas. Holy Communion was administered by the Rev Ann and Mrs J. Staley assisted. Choruses were led by Mrs M. House, Mrs J. Staley and Mrs R. Scott, who also said prayers for the world. Readings were given by Mrs S. Fryer and Mrs K. Dixon. Notices were given out by Mr M. Rendell. Mr and Mrs C. House and Mrs J. Staley sang the Blessing. During the sermon the younger children were with Mrs K. Dixon and Mrs M. House for activities. The organist was Mrs E. Levick.