Community News - Forest Town

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Thursday Club

At the social at the Kingsway Hall, birthday greetings were given to K. Jackson. Games winners included J. Hawkins, H. Unwin, J. Manton, B. Gibson and E. Poole.

St Alban’s Church

Communion was led by the Rev Philip Stead, sidepersons were Sheila Oliver and Rhona Wallhead. Emma Holmes presented the prayer tree, Sally Stafford and Sarah Holmes gave Bible readings and Sally Stafford led prayers of intercession. Janice Matthews Ann Kimberley and Sally Stafford presented the offertory, Joyce Dowling administered the chalice, Sarah Holmes played the keyboard and Brian Negus operated the computer and Teresa Pearson the sound system. Sunday Club was led by Sarah Holmes and Debbie Moss.

1st Forest Town Scout

Wednesday (Portland) Cub Pack leaders Tracey Rowles,Jo Green, Steve Waite and Kath Erridge and helper Dave Mellors supervised Cubs learning about Buddism as part of the ‘My Faith’ badge. Cub Laura Sutcliffe carried out flag duties. Thursday (Sherwood) Cub Pack leaders Steph Musgrove, Linda Riley and Matt Eacott supervised Cubs carring out experiments and games for the ‘Scientist’ badge. Cub Lewis Orli carried out flag duties. Section Leader Steph Musgrove invested Cameron Ball and Owen Powell into the pack. Scout leaders Steve Waite and Graham Alexander supervised Scouts in bandaging as part of the ‘Emergency Aid’ proficiency award.