Community News - Forest Town

St Alban’s Church

Sunday’s communion service was led by the priest in charge the Rev Philip Stead, sidepersons were Sue Waldran, Glenniss Kerry, Penny Hunt, Sue Crooks, Ann Kimberely and Pat Chapman. Amy Dallison read from the Bible, Sarah Holmes led prayers of intercession; Amy Dallison, Louis Bowmer and Rachal Buck presented the offertory. Rhona Wallhead administered the chalice. Denise Levy played the organ. Alan Wallhead operated the computer and Teresa Pearson the sound system. Pat Chapman and Rhona Wallhead and Derek Naylor served refreshments. Alfie Mitchell, Ava Marie Oliver, Grace Olive Iris Hutchinson and Milly-Mae Griffiths were baptised.

Methodist Church

On Tuesday the Trinity Community Cafe was manned by volunteers. On Wednesday afternoon Mrs J. Staley presided over the Women’s Own meeting. Speaker was Mrs R. Saunders and the topic was Israel. Pianist was Mrs E. Levick. On Wednesday evening Mrs K. Dixon led the prayer meeting. On Friday the Youth Cafe was open in the evening. Sunday preacher for the morning service was Mrs I. Shawcroft. Mrs J. Staley, Mrs M. House and Mrs R. Scott led the chorus singing. Readings were given by Mr B. Shawcroft. Notices were given out by Mr M. Rendell. Teas were served by Mrs J. Staley. Organist was Mr D. Walters.

Senior Moments

Members met in the Forest Town Welfare Club lounge. A selection of in-house quizzes were enjoyed. Among the raffle winners were Pat and Betty. The next fortnightly meeting is on 2nd October September at 2pm. New members are welcome.