Community News - Blidworth

Meadow and New Road

On Monday week the meeting was opened by Mrs M. Brailsford. Mrs B. Creasey, Mrs M. Wood and Mrs J. Pitt served refreshments. Tickets were sold by Mrs J. Dodsworth and she called bingo. A quiz was organised and called Mrs M. Cooper and the winner was Mrs S. Leyland. Bingo winners were Mesdames S. Cutts, V. Greaves, R. Dodsworth, P. Hutton, M. Brailsford, K. White, B. Creasey, M. Buchanon and Messrs A. Musson, and I. Smith. Raffle winners were Mesdames F. Meakin, S. Layland, J. Smith, M. Cooper, K. White, and Messrs L. Creasey and E. Buchanon. Members al;so celebrated the birthday of Mr L. Creasey.

St Andrew’s

Morning Prayer took place on Monday and Wednesday mornings with Holy Communion, On Wednesday Vestry hour was led by Angela Penny. Tuesday bingo with Stephen took place.

St Mary’s Church

The Rev Geoff Maltby led the service on Sunday morning also leading prayers and reading from the Gospel. The Rev Hazel Robinson assisted and read from the New Testament and gave the sermon. Stephen Fox also assisted. There were readings from the Old Testament by Susan Paine and Gordon Foster played the organ. Church members have adopted a Mexican tradition this Christmas. It is known as Posada (making room for Jesus) this Christmas. It will see Mary and Joseph being hosted and welcomed into homes by local Blidworth families for an overnight stay on the run up to Christmas. Hosting families then take Mary and Jesus to the next family in turn all through Advent until Christmas Eve when they are returned to the church.

Methodist Church

Karen O’Hara held her Prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. On Sunday morning David Witham led the service with readings from Marrian Jarrett and Joan Smith. Vanessa Crane played the organ and the Sunday school group was led by Rebeccah Widowson and Patricia Stewart. The evening service was a ‘Churches together’ section service with other local churches and Methodist section churches around the area attending. The theme was on ‘Faith and Light’ and was led by the Rev David Greenwood.

Walking Group

Walked from Blidworth Bottoms to Papplewick Pumping Station. The walk on Sunday 2nd December met at Sherwood Pines, anew one hour stroll through the woods. There are Christmas walks on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, see Blidworth Walking Group’s Facebook page for details or leave your mobile number for Linda on 07703631816.