Community News - Blidworth

Meadow, New Road

On Monday week the meeting was opened by Mrs M. Brailsford. Mrs K. White, Mrs M. Wood and Mrs J. Pitt served the members with refreshments. Tickets were sold by Mrs J. Dodsworth and she also called the bingo. A quiz was organised Mrs M. Cooper and called by Marlene Brailsford and the winners were Mrs J. Dodsworth and Mrs M. Wood. Bingo winners were Mesdames R. Dodsworth, M. Buchanon, M. Richards, T Jukes, A. Farr, V. Greaves, K. White, D. Biggs, and Mr A. Musson. Raffle winners were Mesdames M. Cooper, M. Buchanon, P. Hutton, T. Jukes, M. Brailsford, J. Smith, and Mr K. Cooper.

St Andrew’s

Morning Prayer took place on Monday and Wednesday mornings with Holy Communion, On Wednesday Vestry hour was led by Angela Penny. Tuesday Bingo with Stephen took place. Saturday’s Bric a Brac and 200 club draw raised £265 for funds.

St Mary’s Church

Sunday’s morning service was led by Stephanie Smart assisted by the Rev Clare Tyack who gave the sermon. Mrs Smart read from the Gospel. Angela Penny read from the Old Testament and New Testament readings were by Robin Sharpe. Prayers were led by Sharon Winders and Gordon Foster played the organ. Later on Sunday afternoon the church held a memorial service led by the Rev Hazel Robinson assisted by the Rev Tyack.

Methodist Church

On Wednesday evening Karen O’Hara led the prayer meeting. The service on Sunday morning was led by David Pollitt. Irene Yapp read a lesson and Vanessa Crane played the organ. Irene Yapp and Ann Daines were welcome stewards and Rebeccah Widowson led Sunday school. Flowers decorating the church were donated by Jean Richards. Members from the church visited Rainworth Methodists for their evening service.

Walking Group

The group took a three-mile walk in Sherwood Pines on Sunday fortnight. The walk was free and is part of walk4life, Macmillan Cancer Care and The Ramblers. If you are interested in a Sunday stroll free of charge, leave your mobile number for Linda on 07703631816.