Community News - Bilsthorpe


Leaders Graham Baguley, Brian Foster and Ollerton leader Derek Taylor were in charge of Monday week’s meeting at headquarters. Members did map work based games.


Leader Graham Baguley helped by Sue Baguley, Lisa Jest, Marian Mawer and young leaders , assisted and supervised members doing their fitness challenge. The Scout group again doing Scout post for Christmas, as well as a Christmas hamper numbers and a quiz. For details contact leaders.

Green Centre

Chairman David Ramsdale welcomed 24 members to Tuesday week’s meeting. Raffle winners were Francis Cooper and Irene Westerman. Bingo caller was Celia Smith. Twenty-two members attended Friday week’s meeting. Raffle winners were Kath Whitby and Joan West. Refreshments were served by committee members and helpers David Ramsdale, Celia Smith, Maureen Abbott, Irene Westerman and Jean Corkish. Bingo caller was Celia Smith.

Social Whist Drive

Eight members and friends attended Wednesday week’s meeting at Burton Court Centre. Raffle winners were Jean Corkish and Peggy Gilbody. Whist winners included Laurie Mudd, Ken Corkish, Jean Corkish and Peggy Gilbody.

Burton Court Centre

Fifteen members were welcomed Tuesday week. Raffle winners were Rene Vickers and Sheila Cotterill. Bingo caller was Maureen James. Twenty-four members attended Thursday week’s meeting. Bingo was played and a raffle arranged. Bingo caller was Maureen James.

Over 50s Club

Chairman David Ramsdale welcomed 52 members to Wednesday week’s meeting at the Welfare. Dance MC was Denis Teather and bingo caller was Steve Jackson. Members joined in a horse racing theme game arranged by Joe Lowde, Katie Towle and Brian Dickinson. A quiz was arranged by Bill Lamb. Winners of the chocolate dance were Bryan and Connie Charlesworth. Refreshments were served by Marion Towle. Raffle winners were Connie Roberts, Brenda Wilderspin, Christine Benn, Ruth Vardy, Marion Towle, Pat Curry, Tom Blackburn, Jacqueline Brown, Brenda Creasey, Sheila Cordon, Jenny DeBoer, Eileen Baxter, Monica Powell, Rayna Clipston, Wilson Bryan, Denis Teather, Mary Bradley, Steve Jackson, Hazel Bryan and Dennis Knight.

St Margaret’s Church

A Fun-key Sunday service was held Sunday week at Crompton View Primary School. The service and activities were led by the Rev Richard Seymour-Whiteley, assisted by lay reader Joan Wood. Everyone joined in the singing and the story of the lost sheep was told. Children helped to make a sheep and candles were lit for family and loved ones. Refreshments were served by Doreen Smith and Jenny Elston. The next fun-key servie will be on the 20th January in the school at 4pm, everyone welcome.