Community News - Bilsthorpe

Burton Court Centre

Chairman Sandra Morton welcomed 20 members to Thursday week’s meeting. Raffle winners were Rene Vickers, Lillian Johnson and Ann Moody. Bingo caller was Sandra Morton.

Ladies Running Club

Leaders Cathie Babbington and Hannah Tunnicliffe welcomed new members Louise Benson and Susan Dennis to Monday week’s meeting. A village street run was arranged. Runners were Lisa Lodder, Emma Brown, Rebecca Hall, Kirsty Cooke, Sam Straw, Julie Fernandes, Bernie Chillman and Jenny Wallis. Thursday’s meeting was a fast tempo road run over three miles run by Sam Straw, Emma Brown, Kirsty Cooke, Debbie Rose, Carolyn Tucker, Rebecca Hall, Lisa Lodder, Bernie Chillman, Paula Brown, Sue Brown, Julie Fernandes, Jenny Wallis and leader Cathie Babbington. Sarah Hubbard covered five miles around Rainworth on a solo run. Fiona Knowles completed her first Robin Hood Half Marathon.

St John Fellowship

Margaret Jenkins has presenting 183 baby coats, 55 hats and 46 blankets tofor the Neo Natal Baby Unit at King’s Mill Hospital.


Team leaders Graham Baguley, Emma Tyson and Brian Foster were in charge of Monday week’s meeting at headquarters. Members were taken to the local shops to buy food which was cooked at headquarters.


Leader Graham Baguley was in charge of Tuesday week’s meeting at Headquarters. Members did team building and played games supervised by assistant leader Emma Tyson and parent helpers Marian Mawer, Lisa Jest and young leaders. Places are available in all sections, contact Group Scout Leader Diane Johnson, 8, Cross Street or e mail

St John

Leader Jonathan Holmes was in charge of Wednesday week’s meeting at Headquarters. Ten Badger members were taken for first aid by Melissa Austin. Twelve cadet members and trainers discussed burns and their treatment with Sarah Richardson and Sylvia Wilson. Competition members practise was taken by Geoff Goddard and Trevor Knott. Nine adult members were also present.

Over 50s Club

Chairman David Ramsdale welcomed 44 members to Wednesday week’s meeting at the Welfare. Dance MC was John Corden and bingo caller was Jack Staton. Members joined in a horse racing theme game arranged by Joe Lowde, Katie Towle and Becky Kemp. A quiz arranged by Bill Lamb was won by Connie Charlesworth. Winners of the chocolate dance were Bryan and Connie Charlesworth. Refreshments were served by Marion Sentence and Jean Corkish. Raffle winners were Fred Brown, Sheryl Bird, Mo Bowles, Jacqueline Brown, Brenda Wilderspin, Gillian Hattersley, Marion Sentence, David Ramsdale, Reg Clayton, Rita Dodsworth, Margaret Coupland, Joe Lowde, Kay Clayton, Christine Benn, Jean Corkish, Laurie Mudd, Ken Corkish, Eileen Baxter, Sheila Cotterill, Margaret Lamb and Jean Brentnall. An outing to Bury Market in Manchester Saturday week was organised by vice-chairman Marion Towle.

Whist Drive

Seven members and friends attended Wednesday week’s meeting at Burton Court Centre. Raffle winners were David Ramsdale and Ken Corkish. Whist winners included Robert Rowe, Laurie Mudd, Celia Smith and Jean Corkish.

Green Centre

Chairman David Ramsdale welcomed members to Tuesday week’s meeting. Raffle winners were Sylvia Summerville and Joan West. Bingo caller was David Ramsdale. Twenty-six members attended Friday week’s meeting. Raffle winners were Joan West and Rene Vickers. Tea and refreshments were served by committee members and helpers David Ramsdale, Celia Smith, Irene Westerman and Jean Corkish. Bingo caller was Celia Smith.

St Margaret’s Church

Members of the congregation attended the cluster service at St John of Jerusalem Church Sunday week. The service was led by the Rev Richard Seymour-Whiteley who preached and took Holy Communion.