Community News - Annesley Woodhouse

Forest Road Methodists

Monday’s Fellowship was led by Ron Cowle. Thursday morning’ time for prayer’ was followed by Movement to Music arranged by Jennifer Redfern. Coffee was served by Margaret Johnson. Sunday morning worship was led by Philip Slater

Steward was Roy Wright, door steward was Peter Frogson. Flowers were given by the Ladies Group. The offering was taken by Gillian and Andrew. Readers were Roy and Peter.

The young people were supervised by Julie Saint.

Coffee was served by Colin and Heather Marriott and Sue Harris. Pianist was Kathleen McCallum.

The Annual Ladies Service was conducted by the Rev Mick Dilley. Steward was Margaret Johnson. Door stewards were Wendy Stocks and Joy Barker. Readers were Hazel Warren and Anthea Richardson

The Offering was taken by Wendy Stocks and Eileen Clarke. The Ladies sang ‘Love with Everlasting Love’ Organist was Doreen Dickens. Coffee was served.