Commons Corner: donation is such a lovely gesture

Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero
Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero

Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero on Easter generosity and an ingenious solution to transport problems...

We have some fantastic businesses across our region and Sutton firm Crystal Martin fall right into that category. For the last three years staff have been encouraged to donate Easter eggs which are then handed out to different charities and organisations in the area. This year they’ve gone past the 1,000 mark after a bumper collection brought in over 300 eggs. It’s a really lovely gesture and one that I know goes down a treat with those on the receiving end of the donations.

Are you struggling with transport to work? I’ve never forgotten a young lady called Jen Clarke who came to a surgery last year to complain that the lack of rural bus services was preventing her from being able to work late and night shifts at a hotel in Nottingham she had been offered a job at.

So my ears pricked when I met local man Liam Russell who runs an organisation called Wheels to Work and behind it is a really simple but effective idea. If you’re struggling to get to work, training or college because of transport problems then they could have just the solution for you.

They offer a Moped loan service for up to 6 months for people aged over 16 who live in Nottinghamshire. To find out more contact

Shock. Horror. I’ve had to spend more time sorting out another casework issue between a well known energy supplier and a couple who’ve been on the receiving end of a ‘computer says no attitude’ for too long.

The daft thing is that all they wanted was their bill which they hadn’t received for ages and were worried they’d end up getting stung by a massive bill further down the line.

Even when I contacted the company and complained on their behalf it took them an age to respond.

When will these big companies learn that this just isn’t good enough especially when our bills keep going up and up.

I’m pleased to say it’s now been resolved and the couple have even had a reduction applied but none of this would have been necessary if they’d just done the job properly in the first place.

Finally, I was concerned when I read in the paper the other week that some of the poorest homes in the country faced a council tax rise of £120 a year on average after the Government withdraw a vital safety net. I contacted our own local council to find out what was going on and if they’d still protect some of those most in need such as the disabled and carers, regardless of this decision. The answer I got back told me everything I needed to know– it was a resounding yes. So I say well done to Ashfield District Council for not going the same way as lots of other local authorities.