COMMENT: Amber Peat - National newspaper has gone too far

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Today a national newspaper has once again put Mansfield in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, speculating upon the reasons for tragic Amber Peat’s death.

The Chad has received a number of questions as to why? Why would the press do this to Amber and her family? Why would the right-wing national press guess at what might have contributed to the death of one of our own?

To our readers, the people of Mansfield and to Amber’s family, The Chad would like to answer those questions by stating categorically that we are not like the national press, and your Chad will not be speculating on what may or may not have contributed to the passing of a beautiful little girl.

Nottinghamshire County Council has confirmed that a Serious Case Review is under way. A file is also being prepared for Nottinghamshire’s Coroner. Nobody should believe a word anyone says until this due process is complete.

Of course, Chad has a duty as the town’s newspaper of record to publish the findings of the inquest. We will do so as sensitively as we possibly can, when the time is right. Ensuring Amber’s achievements and contributions to her community are celebrated.

But The Chad also has a duty to stand up for the people of this town. With that, our Editorial Director James Mitchinson will be writing personally to the editor of the national newspaper in question to ask him why he has allowed such a scurrilous article to cause so much upset in our town.

Andy Done-Johnson

Content Editor

Mansfield Chad