Comedy festival ‘on air’ at West Notts College

VISION West Notts College will be kicking off this year’s Nottingham Comedy Festival with its new Create Theatre’s first ever public performance.

And if you are a fan of audience participation then comedy show Wireless Times is sure to be a winner on 21st September.

The show follows the adventures of a radio team up from London performing an outside broadcast in the north but after technical faults in the capital the crew are forced to improvise with audience help.

During the three-act play spectators take part in gardeners’ question time, help with sound effects to fake live football and racing coverage and take part in radio entertainment.

Gwynn Barton, admin manager at theatre company Random Acts, said: “The audience just have a great time but we start off very gently so they get to see that we do not take the mickey out of them and it is all family friendly.”

Gwynn said the company’s script was carefully researched and filled with references to Mansfield and Vision West Notts performing arts and media production students would be taking part.

Said Gwynn: “We love the fact that our show is the first public performance at Create and to be part of something that will be a great part of the community.”

As well as Wireless Times the festival brings more laughs to Create in the form of improvised comedy troupe Mission Improbable on 26th September.

Nottingham Comedy Festival director Helen Stead said now the event was in its forth year organisers hoped to bring it to more and more parts of the county.

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