COLUMN: The spirit of just getting things done

Mansfield BID chairman on the importance of entrepreneurs and getting things done...

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 13th July 2014, 7:38 am
John Sankey
John Sankey

There was a good reaction to my last column, when I spoke about working together and how the Mansfield BID had been helping to improve the town centre.

This week’s article is all about entrepreneurship and the ethos of just getting on and doing things.

Now, when people people think of entrepreneurs, they often think about TV programmes like Dragons Den.

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But that is not always the case.

Entrepreneurism is about having ideas and getting ahead with them. Putting them into practice. Making a go of something that you know to be right.

Why am I talking about this, you ask.

Well, as a businessman in the town centre for some time now, I have seen new businesses and new people coming into the town.

People who have ideas and are taking the opportunity to do something.

If you look at White Hart Street, the Hart Gallery is a great little gem for the town. An art gallery, workshops, craft shop - something different. Likewise the Glazey Place. It’s very popular given by the number of people we see in there.

Beau-ti-ful on West Gate has about 30,000 likes on Facebook and is always busy, as is their cafe in the first floor.

These businesses are a great asset to Mansfield.

But it’s not just the smaller businesses. Take a look at Beales, what used to be the Co-op.

Gavin, the store director, has come in and is looking at ways to improve his retail offering. New lines are coming in, from Lego to lingerie.

Gavin appears to have the entrepreneurial spirit. He’s trying to get things done.

There are a great many number of business doing this in the BID area.

These businesses have common themes. Firstly, they are doing something.

Showing that spirit of having ideas and getting on with it,

Secondly, they know that they are not isolated. They are working with people, particularly the Mansfield BID, in getting things done.

The BID is there to help people to do things, whether that’s to assist in painting, erect shelves, knock down partitions, remove cardboard waste, get better utility contracts or help with free electrical PAT testing (to a maximum number of items).

It’s great to see people doing things.

They need the support of everyone in the town.

Tuesday saw the opening of a gallery in the chamber room at the Old Town Hall. The gallery features work of the Mansfield BID and is open to levy payers for two months from now.

Businesses can attend between 12.30pm and 1.30pm on weekdays, every Tuesday evening between 5pm and 7pm or by appointment. Email [email protected] for details.

There is also an opportunity to view and make comments on the BID’s draft business plan.