COLUMN: Shocking driving standards are no surprise

Motorist filmed travelling the wrong way on the Rainworth bypass.
Motorist filmed travelling the wrong way on the Rainworth bypass.

Some of you will have been shocked after watching video footage of a motorist driving the wrong way along the Rainworth bypass.

Not me. Let’s be honest, driving standards nowadays are shocking.

In fact, when was the last time you completed a journey without coming across an example of idiocy on our roads?

Those who follow me on Twitter will know what I think of other road users.

Most of my pet hates involve other motorists and their inability to drive properly - or more pertinently, their disregard for others.

The list is endless and includes people who drive while using their phone - ok, not an original one, but ultimately the number one bug bear for me.

Every time I come to a stop at traffic lights the driver next to me is looking down at their lap texting - or, no doubt, in this social media-obsessed world checking Facebook to see what their best mate has had for breakfast or tea.

We really have got our priorities right, haven’t we?

And, don’t forget, modern-day vehicles no longer come with indicators do they?

Oh, and what about our inability to use a roundabout correctly? They are not that hard to negotiate, surely? So, why do so many make such a dog’s dinner of them?

And don’t get me started on motorists who hog the right hand lane of a dual carriageway while plodding along a good 20 per cent below the speed limit with not another car in sight - or those who drive with fog lamps when visibility is clear, but not when it’s a pea souper.

As I said, it’s an endless hall of shame and I could go on forever. Believe me, my blood is boiling as I write this!

But what can be done to improve our driving to rid the roads of these culprits?

Most of it comes down to common sense and, believe it or not, using things that come as standard with a car like our mirrors and indicators - and not our mobile phones. Yes, it really is as simple as that!

Nowadays, life is stressful enough without someone who specialises in tailgating or browsing Facebook while changing from fourth to fifth gear adding to our woes.

I’m not saying my driving is perfect, but let’s have a little bit more consideration and courtesy to improve the time we spend driving. It’s not asking too much, is it?

Stay safe people and please remember to drive on the correct side of the road!

Ashley Booker