COLUMN: Key motivational methods to get you going and keep you going to the gym

The Colonel
The Colonel

For most people, it’s common knowledge that in order to lead a healthy lifestyle you must indulge in some form of physical exercise.

More often than not people use exercise as a tool to improve some aspect of their self-appearance. However, what may not be common knowledge about exercise, is that this single-minded mentality isn’t always enough. Only 7% of the UK population currently have gym memberships and nearly 80% of new sign-ups quit or stop going after 24 weeks, showing people need more to stay motivated.

An exercise class

An exercise class

Fortunately, this isn’t the end for everyone - most reasons for this lack of motivation relate to boredom, laziness and finances. All three areas can easily be combated to get people back in the gym, and back exercising regularly.


Sometimes there is nothing worse than giving your all and working hard yet receiving nothing for your effort. Therefore, extrinsic rewards can really help with your motivation. For example, when achieving weight loss goals, you can buy new clothes which act as a reminder for what you’ve achieved and overcome.

Buddying up

This can be one of the most useful motivational tools at everyone’s disposal. Working out with others usually motivates in many different ways. Firstly attending, you don’t want to be the one who lets the other down. Secondly, going with friends adds competition, pushing both of your limits to the max and making you try new things.

Low cost gyms

Last but not least is finances. Many people lose motivation when they see big price tags that come with the gym package, however with low cost gyms (such as Xercise4Less) across the country it means people who are money motivated can also be health motivated.

By The Colonel, Xercise4Less’ fitness guru


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