COLUMN: Action is being taken

It would be hard to talk about anything else this month – what a time it’s been in Westminster.

The Brexit process is well on its way now and it’s important to note how much progress has been made in recent weeks, both in the negotiation and the legislation.

Legislation related to leaving the European Union has dominated the legislative agenda of late, and a series of important debates have taken place which have allowed an airing of views on all sides.

Just as the referendum result was a result of a democratic process, the UK’s exit must also be a democratic process. That’s why every stage of legislation is going to be properly scrutinised by our Parliament and I’ve enjoyed watching the exiting the European Union select committee grilling various important figures, including the secretary of state for Brexit David Davis.

There has, of course, been a lot of focus on Westminster for another reason – the very unfortunate series of allegations that have come out in the last week or so.

It would be strange not to address this subject directly in any such column. I’m clear that the leaders of all political parties, the authorities of the House of Commons, and all individual MPs, should take stock of what has been going on and do everything they can to help anyone who comes forward and needs support.

It’s important that we avoid a witch hunt – that helps nobody, least of all the alleged victims. For my part I’ll be keen to see what action is taken by leaders.

Locally, I’ve been working with Nottinghamshire Police to tackle the continuing problem of anti-social behaviour.

We’ve seen an uptick in this recently, including the recent vandalism of Clipstone FC. It’s important to note what effect this can have on a club of Clipstone’s size and I pay tribute to those volunteers who have been working so hard in the wake of the vandalism. Together with the police I’m working to make sure that more is done to tackle this sort of mindless behaviour and ensure that we can stop it at its cause.