Clipstone's Feel Good Gardens awarded more than £17k

Fell Good Gardens
Fell Good Gardens

Clipstone-based Feel Good Gardens, a social gardening project promoting health and wellbeing for people who are lonely and isolated has been awarded £17k.

Grants of up to £50,000 are being made available to support community organisations as another round of Nottinghamshire County Council investment grants are distributed around the county.

The council’s capital fund aims to support schemes and projects that benefit communities.

The fund has already invested supported a number of schemes around the area in developing their trade.

Including Feel Good Gardens which was granted £17,000 at the last round of the capital fund, which helped to develop its facilities and improve its level of community support.

Feel Good Gardens’ large community garden at Forestry Holdings, near Kings Clipstone and Sherwood Pines in North Nottinghamshire, supports health, wellbeing and social inclusion by offering social gardening sessions, or ‘work parties’.

The work parties are particularly aimed at people who are socially excluded and for whom this type of activity – working outdoors and growing your own produce – would otherwise be very difficult if not impossible.

Organiser Clare Heyting said: “There is an abundance of evidence that shows that gardening and community gardening benefits health, fitness and wellbeing, particularly for older, disabled and isolated people, and people living with long-term health conditions. We plan to benefit as many people as possible through our work parties and social events.

“Local statistics show that the older population is increasing and so are the demands put on society by an ageing population. Gardening into old age has been shown to have health and preventive benefits and can reduce isolation, prevent falls, and delay conditions such as dementia.”

Councillor John Handley said: “This successful bid for LIS Capital Fund support will help this organisation not only to enhance its current excellent service but also fulfil its sustainability proposal to help it further prosper in the future. Providing power to the polytunnels mean it can introduce heated benches, propagators, lighting, and a watering system to increase the range of plants that it grows.”

Councillor Peck said: “There are few community gardens around and there tends to be waiting lists for allotments. Allotments in any case are not suitable for the type of people who come to Feel Good Gardens because there is not the same kind of help and advice you would get at a structured work party. Feel Good Gardens is geared towards empowering people with disabilities or long-term health problems.”

If your project supports the local economy, helps promote heritage or transforms the lives of people, you can apply for the funding online.

To apply, visit the Nottinghamshire County Council website: