Clipstone headstocks: Look at the bigger picture

Congratulations to Chris Stansfield on his farsighted letter regarding Clipstone headstocks (Chad 12/12/12). Such a visionary attitude is exactly what is required to avoid the loss of this unique and iconic example of industrial sculpture.

How much better it would be to pursue something along these lines, rather than the proposed Robin Hood development at Edwinstowe. Sherwood Forest and the Major Oak, only minutes away, could then be maintained in a completely natural state with no hint of Theme Park.

While no-one may be able to come up with funding for a scheme of this nature and magnitude at the moment, history indicates that the economy fluctuates cyclically and, in 20 or 30 years, things could start moving again.

Meanwhile, the headstocks are going nowhere and, even without maintenance, are unlikely to fall down of their own accord for several centuries.

Let us hope that more people will see the bigger long term picture and persuade those in power to decide against the destruction of Clipstone’s genius loci.

Bob Renshaw,