Clipstone Headstocks: Let them go

I notice that the question over the fate of the Clipstone headstocks has again raised its ugly head. Why this should be I have no idea, as the good folk of Clipstone have voted so often, and so convincingly, and on so many occasions for their removal, that if we really lived in a true democracy, the headstocks would have been demolished years ago.

Several misguided and ill-informed people have written recently to your letters page, once again mooting the idea of rescuing the Clipstone headgear from demolition and perhaps turning the site into a visitor attraction.

Many meetings in the village over the years regarding the fate of the headstocks and winding house, did actually take into consideration the pros and cons of building a visitor attraction around them as one of the options for the future of the site.

It was found that even if there was the desire locally to retain the site for that purpose, which there definitely is not, the steel structures themselves are now in such a poor structural condition that the costs involved in just making them safe would run into millions of pounds, even without the rest of the infrastructure costs that such a project would require.

The visitor numbers that would be required to cover these costs, together with the costs of ongoing maintenance and operational costs of a visitor centre would be impossible to attain.

The other question of course is why we should actually need another mining attraction. Even if you are a total mining history nut, surely there are enough existing sites to satisfy your need with the closest being just a couple of miles away in Pleasley?

Let’s finally give the people of Clipstone their wish to allow the headstocks to be demolished, the site to be cleared and brought back into some sort of beneficial use for the local people.

Barry Martin,

Stanley Road,

Forest Town.

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