Clipstone headstocks: Landmarks define a place

Clipstone Headstocks
Clipstone Headstocks

I am heartened by the recent proposals for Clipstone Headstocks and pleased that some local councillors also see merit in the suggestion.

They are not just a unique example of industrial sculpture, they are a significant landmark. Landmarks define a place.

Salisbury Cathedral, Chesterfield’s crooked spire, Shirebrook’s market place, Liverpool’s Liver Building, Mansfield’s viaduct, the Angel of the North.

But some places – Birmingham (before the mirror-plated store anyway), Leicester, Scunthorpe - have no significant landmark of which I am aware (others may disagree).

What would define Clipstone if the headstocks were to go ? The Welfare has merit but is much the same as several others in the area, designed by the same hand; and how many travellers notice it as they pass? But everyone sees the headstocks. They cannot be ignored. They are Clipstone’s ‘genius loci’.

Hang on to what you’ve got. It is you.

Bob Renshaw


WHAT DO YOU THINK? What are the landmarks that define the towns and villages in our area? What should represent the?

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