Clipstone headstocks campaign growing

Clipstone Headstocks
Clipstone Headstocks

A COUNCILLOR has said that moves to finally bring down’s Europe’s tallest mining relics is ‘gaining momentum’.

An application will be submitted to pull down the huge headstocks and powerhouse in Clipstone, much to the delight of the parish council and many locals.

Clipstone and Newark & District councillor, Sheila Soar has been speaking with groups such as English Heritage to convey the growing support within the community to finally move the bulldozers in.

She said: “It’s gaining momentum and it seems quite positive. People are listening.

“We have been left with a pile of rotting metal and bricks.”

The buildings have been left to ruin since the pit closed in 2003, and many say re-development is not possible until they are removed.

Meanwhile, the Coal Authority is set to beef up security around the site, with an electric fence and 24-hour suveillancefollowing numerous complaints about vandals trespassing onto the site.