Clipstone boundary change confusion

HUNDREDS of residents on a housing estate saw their homes jump from one village into another overnight when signs were moved as part of a bizarre boundary mix-up.

Council workers moved the road signs separating Clipstone and Kings Clipstone further north along the B6030 just before Christmas — seemingly moving the Cavendish Way estate between the two into Clipstone.

Some residents of the new properties, known as the Cavendish estate, even said they feared the value of their homes could drop as a result — and asked why they had not been consulted over the change.

The alteration comes as Newark & Sherwood District Council runs a consultation on plans to form a new parish council for Kings Clipstone, independent of Clipstone Parish Council.

Graham Plumb, who lives on Emmerson Drive off Cavendish Way, said: "In December I went on holiday to New Zealand and when I came back the sign had moved. I feel like I've suddenly moved somewhere else.

"I'd like to know if it matters to other people. At the end of the day something has been done that no-one has asked us about."

David Thompson is a resident of 'new' Clipstone and a member of Clipstone parish and Newark & Sherwood district councils.

He said the parish group asked Nottinghamshire County Council to move the signs around six years ago.

"In my view the signs have now been put to where they should have been in the first place according to the local development plan — as far as I'm concerned the new development has always been in Clipstone," he said.

"In 2002 they were put in the wrong position and we've been trying to find out why for years, but they were suddenly moved three weeks before Christmas."

A Nottinghamshire County Council spokesman confirmed yesterday that the signs were moved last month at the request of a member of Clipstone Parish Council.

"We will be discussing with the parish council whether it considers the signs are in the right place, and will take appropriate action thereafter," said the spokesman


The authority are looking into why the signs were put in the previous spots.

Another Clipstone parish councillor, Mickie Bradley, who lives at Waterfield Farm near Kings Clipstone, said she thought the signs 'must be on legs'.

"I don't know why the timing of them being moved has been done like this, while we are still going through the creation of a new parish," she said.

But she said the current electoral boundaries suggested the estate was classed as Kings Clipstone, contrary to some other plans.

Wheeldon, a developer involved in building Portland Place at the new estate, lists the site sales office as being in Clipstone but its online brochure describes it as being in Kings Clipstone.

Debbie Smith, sales and marketing manager for the company, said: "In light of the signs being moved and this being brought to our attention, we do not want to be seen to be misleading — we are going to be referring to the site as Clipstone from now on. I think there is some mileage in the idea of the place having its own identity entirely in future.

"We will be altering all our marketing to describe it as Clipstone, including the Portland Place brochure, which is the only thing which refers to it as Kings Clipstone at the moment."