Claws out over trespassing Ollerton cat

Maun Infants School Walesby Lane Ollerton
Maun Infants School Walesby Lane Ollerton
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A catfight has broken out between a school and a purring pest, with attempts to expel him from the classroom.

Over the past year staff and pupils at Maun Infants School in Ollerton have been forced to keep their classroom windows closed because of a whiskered wanderer who keeps letting himself in.



Headteacher Mary Haig says the school is fond of cats, but as a ‘frequent and rather unwelcome guest’, the ginger and white tom cat has scratched and bitten a number of people who have tried to force him to leave.

So to prevent this, windows and doors have been closed, even during hotter days. At times he would look for a drink, other times he would curl up and sleep in the corner, and refuse to move.

Nursery teacher Joanne Tucker said: “The school is just part of the cat’s territory. He lives close by but we’re not absolutely sure.

“He came in one day and he just wasn’t afraid of the children, and when we tried to move him he would scratch, and he has bitten a few parents. Sometimes we’ve had to close the windows to stop him from getting in, but we’ve just had new windows fitted which restricts him .”

The cat has since been taken to a local vet, who confirmed that his name was Rocky, and that he was microchipped, but they were not permitted to release his address. The school was also told that unless the cat was in need of help, there was little else that would be done.

However, since news has spread of Rocky’s trespassing antics, his visits have become more infrequent, which the school hope is down to his owner now keeping him in. A purrfect solution, perhaps...