Church’s appeal for wall repairs

NMAC11-0723-1''Glynn Lloyd pictured with the church waal at Nilsthopre Church on Monday
NMAC11-0723-1''Glynn Lloyd pictured with the church waal at Nilsthopre Church on Monday
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A CHURCH-GOER is appealing for help to fund urgent repairs at an historic Bilsthorpe place of worship.

Glynn Lloyd, treasurer at St Margaret Church, fears the building could eventually collapse if a large hole in the boundary wall is not repaired.

Mr Lloyd said the wall not only marked the 1,100-year-old building’s boundary, but helped maintain its structure by keeping retained soil inside.

“The church is on a raised piece of ground and the wall keeps the soil from falling onto the roadside,” he said. “If it erodes that could cause the church to collapse eventually.”

Work to repair the 40m hole would cost £20,000 and must be carried out by a stonemason appointed and approved by the diocesan advisory committee for the care of churches (DAC).

Workmen must follow strict rules and regulations set down by the DAC when undertaking work.

My Lloyd said the church was at the top of a hill and unless people came to a service or a wedding they would not know it was there.

“We are only a small congregation of about 40, but people would be appalled if it fell into disrepair,” he said.

“We do not get any income other than from the congregation so it is very demanding raising money. We are writing to various charities and asking local businesses and shops in the village to have collection boxes.”

Lynette Cotterill, joint treasurer at the church, said at the moment the church banking was stable but it would not remain so if left unattended. She said: “If it all started coming away we would have major problems.”

Coun Robert Bradbury, Newark & Sherwood district councillor for Bilsthorpe, said the church was an important meeting place for the community.

To make a donation call Mr Lloyd on 01623 870553.