Christmas Market needed more

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Would someone please inform the district council or whoever was in charge of the Christmas Market in Mansfield on Sunday that a carpet stall, a shoe stall and a sweet stall does not make a festive market.

We ventured into town mid-morning expecting a bustle of homemade stalls with festive themes as advertised, only to be met by half a dozen stalls that are there every week.

No disrespect to those stallholders for turning up, they are loyal to the town and badly needed, but I would have expected something special - something that could make a stab at matching the one in Melton Mowbray - a town not as big as ours which, last year, was full of craft stalls, farmers’ market stalls, mulled wine, toys and a bustling crowd.

Why can’t we attract enterprising people to our market? Why isn’t our market as good as Chesterfield’s? I realise that there were other attractions but a decent Christmas Market was definitely needed to compliment what was planned for the afternoon.

Y. Kennison,

Via e-mail.