Christmas joy for Guide Dogs

CHAD’s long-running Guide Dogs for the Blind Fund ends the year on a high note with another dog, number 288.

We have now hit the magical £2,500 target for our latest dog, which means we can help another visually impaired person become more independent.

Thanks this week go to a Chad reader from South Normanton who sent a £25 postal order with best wishes for ‘our very worthwhile charity’; £60 from Mrs B. Raymond; £20 ‘birthday memories of Ron Fairburn, a special Dad and Granddad, loved and remembered always’ from Ruth, Royce and Peter; £20 ‘treasured birthday and Christmas memories of my dear husband, Henry Johnson’ from wife Margaret; ‘£10 birthday memories 28th December of a very special Mum and Grandma, Harriet Wilson.

Always in our thoughts’ with love from Margorie, Jessie, Rita, Wesley and Phillip, and £30 ‘in loving memory of Laviah Halford, a life-long supporter of Chad’s Guide Dogs for the Blind Fund’ from Alan and Barbara.

The fund also received £40 split between two family tributes.

They included £20 ‘memories of Father and Mother, Tansley Gersham Henry and Elizabeth. Loved and remembered always. God bless’ from Peter, Violet and Grahame, and £20 ‘memories of Thomas George Greasley (Juddy). Thanks for the happy years we shared. God bless’ from Peter, Albert and Steven.