Christmas and New Year bin collections in Mansfield district

Bin collections
Bin collections

Householders living in the Mansfield district will face changes to some bin collections during the Christmas and New year period

Changes to green and blue bins (household waste and recycling bins) will only affect households whose usual collection date would fall on Christmas Day (Thursday), Boxing Day (Friday) and New Year’s Day (Thursday).

A sticker has been placed on these bins only, detailing the revised collection days.

If there is not a sticker on an affected bin, residents should contact 01623 463463.

Council bosses say collections due to take place on Friday 2nd January 2015 will go ahead as normal.

As for brown bins (garden waste bins), throughout the months of December, January and February the usual fortnightly garden waste collection service will be monthly.

The paid sticker on brown bins provides details of the winter collection dates.

If a bin does not have a paid sticker, it will not be emptied. If it has fallen off, residents should contact 01623 463 463.