Christina celebrates century with family

Christina Shaw of Hucknall celebrates her 100th birthday.
Christina Shaw of Hucknall celebrates her 100th birthday.

King George V was on the throne, Herbert Henry Asquith was Prime Minister and it was the year the First World War began.

But 1914 was also the year that Christina Shaw (nee Musson)was born and this week she marks her 100th birthday surrounded by family and friends at her Hucknall home.

Mrs Shaw moved to Hucknall soon after marrying Thomas Henry who she was first introduced to by his sister.

“Henry’s sister set up the date but I didn’t want to go,” remembered Mrs Shaw from her NorthHill Crescent home. “We went to the cinema and he brought chocolates with him. It turned out ok in the end though.”

The couple married in1935 and had two sons, Colin in 1936 and Keith followed in 1938.

Throughout her married life, Mrs Shaw worked at a chemist shop, Taylor’s in Hucknall and during wartime at Rolls-Royce.

“I also worked for 30 years at the Co-op store on Ogle Street, first in the flooring and hardware sections before moving into the office.”

After living a number of years in Charles Street, the couple moved to where Mrs Shaw has lived for 74 years remaining there after the death of Henry in 1977.

After retiring, she remained very active within the town playing bowls for Hucknall Bowls Club and Rolls-Royce until she was 84.

“I’ve also enjoyed spending time in my garden, reading novels, flower arranging and doing cross stitch.”

One of Mrs Shaw’s four grandchildren, grandaughter Sam McLean, has travelled from her home in California to help celebrate the landmark birthday.

She will join grandchildren, Diane, Steven and Michael, together with great-grandchildren Amanda, Angela, Thomas and Jessica as the family and friends gather on Wednesday with an open house to mark the occasion.

“I think it’s by keeping active and having good family that has kept me going.”