Chris Hunter’s technology column: Windows phone games

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After the last two looks at a couple of iPhone and Android games, it’s time I turned my attention to Windows phones

One big advantage with windows is that it is possible to have the same game on both a windows 8 pc and a windows phone and transfer progress between the two, but not every game takes advantage of this. The first set of games I want to look at do.

Microsoft minesweeper, Solitaire and mah-jong , and

I know, after role playing games and Football games I come back to simple things like these. Being honest I have sunk a fair few hours into these for times when you just want something simple to play for a few minutes rather than spending ages rescuing a princess or battling a boss. All three have the ability for you to start playing on your pc at home or in the office (Not that anyone spends even a second at work playing games ;) ) and then carry on the game on your phone. I’ll be stunned if there is anyone reading who hasn’t played either minesweeper or solitaire in the past, but mah-jong may be unknown to you. To put it simply this version is a matching game where tiles are on the board in a pattern and the goal is to clear the board by removing pairs. As with all great puzzle games, it’s a simple game mechanic that can turn devilishly tricky very quickly.


Back to normal with this recommendation. It’s based on a board game where the aim is to escape the city after a zombie outbreak or be the first to 25 zombie kills. You build the city as you play, placing a tile after your turn. This could be just a simple road, the hardware store (Chainsaws are available) or the hospital (get health here). The real fun is that obviously you move your character, but at the end of the turn you also get to move the zombies based on a dice roll, so you can clear the way or make life harder for the other players in the game. You can play against up to four other players who are either controlled by the computer or other people (quick note to say that the other people have to be next to you as this is local multiplayer only and not over the internet).

The really good thing about gaming on windows devices is that nearly every game has a demo option (called try) so you can see if you like the game before you spend your hard earned cash.

I will be returning to this subject in the future as new games get released daily. If you have a recommendation for a game you love to play and think I should check out, please contact me at the email address below and I’ll give it a go.

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