Chris Hunter’s technology column: Addictive gaming

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After last week’s look at a couple of iPhone games, it’s time to turn to android gaming to see what has got me playing

Knights of Pen and Paper -

Remember the days when you would sit around with a few of your friends playing dungeon and dragons into the small hours….no me neither, however this game is a fantastic fun look at the world of D&D roleplaying but importantly kept simple. You put together a team of people all playing as different classes (knight, wizard etc.) and go through a quest line set by the dungeon master, be it fighting monsters, escorting people to different towns or the ever popular fetch quest (Go and get me 5 of these from the other side of the map and bring them back).

The more coins you earn, the better stuff you can buy, not only for your team, but the games room you are playing in (For example, different tables give different effects in the game, getting snacks for your team ups their health). The game also doesn’t take itself or the subject too seriously which makes it a lot more fun to play.

Family Guy: The quest for stuff –

First question to ask is do you like the TV show? If not just skip onto the next review. After another fight between Peter and the giant chicken (A sentence that only makes sense if you are a fan,) Quahog has been destroyed.

It is up to you to get it rebuilt and get all the residents back. I know what you are all thinking, “Isn’t that The Simpsons tapped out?” It is a very similar game in that you give the characters quests to do that earns money and experience allowing you to buy new building and unlock new characters, but there are a few tweaks that shake things up.

The main one being than the characters level up individually as well as yourself and this opens up new activities for them to do to earn you the cash you need to rebuild.

Bonus mention goes to the website This is a site that sells bundles of games under a “pay what you want” price and you get to pick how much of your purchase price goes to the developers and to the chosen charity. Although they mainly sell pc games, they do have humble android bundles which mean you can get hold of a number of great android games for a donation to charity. Please check it out.

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