Chloe’s American dream

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“Overwhelmed” parents have thanked the generosity of strangers helping them enjoy a family Christmas together in America.

Two-year-old Chloe Askew faced Christmas apart from her brothers and sisters while she undergoes proton beam therapy in the USA to prevent a “very aggressive” brain tumour from returning.

But strangers have stepped in to pay for Ellie-Mai, aged 11, nine-year-old Joshua and Jenson, four, to fly out to join Chloe and their parents.

Chloe, from Kirkby, recently had the tumour – the size of a tangerine – removed during a nine-and-a-half-hour biopsy operation at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre.

She had the operation just four days after an MRI scan revealed the tumour, after she began being sick in the night for no obvious reason.

Mum Theresa Cottall, aged 36, said: “Chloe has done really well. She is a little fighter, but it is all a little confusing for her.

The NHS is now paying for Chloe to undergo the therapy in America, as well as for parents, Theresa and 37-year-old Paul, to travel with her.

However, funding is not available for Chloe’s sister and brothers to join her – leaving the family facing three months, including Christmas, apart.

But strangers have stepped in to raise £7,700 to send them over as well.

Theresa said: “The treatment in America has a high success rate and if it was not done there is a likelihood of the tumour coming back.

“Three months is a long time especially over Christmas.

“We don’t know exactly how much we will need, but what is left over we will donated to the ward at QMC and the Head Start charity – they have been phenomenal.”

The family are currently unaware of where in America they will be sent for Chloe’s treatment, but have said they need £10,000.

Paul said: “We are overwhelmed, we couldn’t believe the amount someone donated – it was £1,000 and we didn’t even know her. We are gobsmacked people would do that.”

A fundraising event is also being held at The Towers on Botany Avenue, Mansfield, on Friday, December 8 from 7pm.

Tickets will cost £3 on the door and there will be entertainment for children.

To donate, visit