Children’s author fulfils ambition

A Ravenshead woman has fulfilled her lifelong dream of publishing her own book and is donating £0.50 from every copy sold to wildlife charity Our Disappearing Planet.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 4th March 2014, 3:30 pm

Victoria Harwood’s children’s book, entitled Bush-Hog, is about the friendship between a cat and a strange, small, furry creature.

Said Victoria: “I have always enjoyed writing and drawing. My ambition was to get a book on the shelves at some point in my life.

“I would write short stories all the time as a hobby so after a few years my fiancée bought me a Netbook.

“I started writing a story and added some humour with some animal facts and soon had a story. Some areas needed changing but after a while I was happy with the outcome.”

The book is illustrated by Victoria using Charcoal and Crayon.

And the new author has tested her work out on various schools, much to the pleasure of their pupils.

Said Victoria: “The children loved it that much, they were asking questions about my characters and wanted to know if there would be more stories written.”

The Ravenshead woman’s book was signed at a convention in Birmingham attended by a number of celebrities, including Toyah Willcox and Richard Kiel, who played Jaws in James Bond films.

These copies are now for sale on Ebay with all the money raised being donated to Our Disappearing Planet.

Bush-Hog is available for sale at and on Ebay.